Thursday, February 15, 2007

My friend brought in a box of snicker-doodle cookies to work today and no one else wants them, so I have eaten 3... someone stop me!!

I went down to Home Depot yesterday to take a look at paint chips, I can't paint anything in the apartment, but it gave me color combo ideas. I also picked up a couple decorating tips pamphlets in the paint section to get more ideas. My mom got a bunch of stuff from a friend of hers for me and my apartment - things like dishes, mugs, a lamp, some pot holders, etc. So yesterday afternoon my mom took me through some of the stuff I get to have for my new place. The dishes I got were really quite awesome... bowls, cups, plates, everything. SWEET!

Last night I went to TGI Fridays with the mom and dad... we got a seat right next to the window so when it started raining and lightening and thundering, we got to see all the action. My mom kept telling all the servers and people sitting around us that it was raining... we have gotten such great weather lately.

Then, after dinner I went over to Jessica's parents' house to watch Lost with her and her parents... what a great episode - I love Desmond!!! (he was my valentine... I decided during the episode)

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NanAZ said...

I have stuff in my garage that you can look through too, don't forget. I also have a bunch of decorating magazines if you want to borrow any of them.