Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bridge over CAM...

Phoebe and I took and spontaneous trip to Cambridge!!! By spontaneous, I mean that we thought of it the night before and made it happen... normally our day trips take much planning. This was also our first tour outside of London together that was not led by Susanna with the rest of the RoHo internationals. Phoebe and I were determined to be our own tour guides and make up fascinating facts about the University if we couldn't find real ones. But Cambridge did not disappoint and it had all the makings of a good day tour: History, old buildings, street markets, an old Cathedral, and of course, King Henry VIII.
We arrived at Cambridge around lunch time but decided to combine lunch and dinner to save money, so we just moved on to the different colleges. I will admit I felt very smart at Cambridge... not as smart as at Oxford, but Cambridge is a baby compared to Oxford. But Cambridge is celebrating it's 800th year, so we'll give it something.

This is a very cool clock... it was given to Cambridge by Stephen Hawkins or something cool like that... instead of having hands to tell the time, the lights simply flash around the outer edge to tell the time. I like the dragon on the top.
On our way to tour one of the campuses, we passed my the Cambridge Bookshop... it was moment... so many textbooks come from here.
Our first stop was King's College Chapel, which is pretty cool - I have seen my fair share of old churches on this trip, this one is pretty cool.
The chapel also offered a little exhibit about the War of the Roses, which I have become quite interested in since coming here... Here is a who's who of the war
This is where Henry VIII comes in... he was the product of the War of the Roses and was King when King's College was finished being built.
Courtyard of King's College
More pretty Cambridge places

This bridge is said to be the first bridge built without using nuts and bolts... it's called the mathematical bridge.
St John's College was next on the list...
St John's also has the Bridge of Sighs, seen behind me in the picture below
Phoebe and I also got very rebellious and dared to take pictures on the grass when no one was around... that'll show them and their silly signs!
There was also this random part of a stair in the middle of the lawn, so we sat on it.
Now on to Trinity College... they boast of a library built be Christopher Wren, which I am of course a fan of... and also this is where Sir Isaac Newton studied and where there is an apple tree grown from a seed from one of the apples that dropped an apple on top of Newton's head... did you follow that?
Christopher Wren's library
Also in Cambridge we partook in some street fair shopping, I bought a Cambridge Tshirt from one of the gift shops and also had delicious pizza, which I had been craving all day. Then we headed back home and I showed Phoebe Evita because she had never seen it... so good!

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