Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lovely England Jewelry!!

So over my travels I have started to accumulate quite a collection of jewelry from all over Great Britain.

Some people have request pictures of the different pieces so here it is...
The first item is my necklace...
I got the chair and thin cross from St. Paul's Cathedral. I love cross necklaces and think they are so simple and classic. I added the Canterbury cross when I went there... I like the look of a couple different charms on one chain. Canterbury is the oldest church in England. St Paul's is the prettiest. I may add another charm when I go to Norte Dame in Paris.
It's nice to have something small and simple to wear underneath all my scarfs... it feels weird if I don't wear a necklace at all.

The next jewelry items are my rings.
The Celtic design one is from Loch Ness in Scotland. It is so pretty and I just LOVE it. It reminds me of the Highlands.
The other ring is from Shakespeare's Globe theater. This one, I actually didn't buy, but was a gift. As you have read, I hung out with my friend Matt and old chorus teach Julie Hackmann in London this weekend. I mentioned the ring and how I was anxious to go back and get it. We tuesday I got a text from Matt asking for my address and telling me not to visit the Shakespeare's Globe theater again until I got what they were mailing to me... well of course it was the RING!!! I was so excited. I got it today! It's just a simple band and written around it is an Old French saying "pences pour'moye dv" which translates to "think of me, God willing." It was a replica of a ring found at the excavation sight for the Rose Theater. It is stunning and fits the ring finger on my right hand perfectly. I cannot believe they got it for me!!

Today is laundry day and grocery shopping day and since I am starting to get a headache and feeling a little run down, I may finish the day with a movie and bed instead of going to cell group tonight. I don't want to get sick.


linda t said...

What lovely, memorable pieces of jewelry! You will cherish them even more as time passes and you look at them and remember... and wonder why in the heck you are not still living there! Ha!

kristen said...

Pretty pieces...I could buy jewelry all the time but then my practical side reels me back in! Love things that are celtic!!

NanAZ said...

cool stuff! Great memories forever.