Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Turn around bright eyes...

That song is in my head right now... Phoebe and I were singing it all evening on the way home from what will go down in history as one of the best days EVER!!

Today was mine and Phoebe's "Hair cut/color and Shop till you drop day!!" It started at PYNK hair salon where we got completely made over in the hair department... I got a reshaping cut to make up for the pitiful cut I got before I left the states (did you know that not only was it layered just terribly, but it was almost 2 cm shorter on one side than the other... I think my hair dresser was drunk that day). My lovely hair dresser Alisha today was just fabulous. She was really fun to talk to and she does the hair for the contestants on the X-Factor (which is the British version of American Idol). She cut my hair when it was dry (something I've never had done before... but it was perfect because she was able to make sure it blended really well. Then she colored it. I got blonde highlights to lighten my hair. It turned out PERFECT!! Exactly how I wanted it... I don't think I have been so pleased with a haircut and color in my life! Here are some before and after shots... the lighting is terrible and I am pale... I think I'll take some better ones tomorrow when I get to style it myself (the most fun part of a new hair cut):


Yes, Phoebe and I are nerdy enough to take Before and After shots... here are Phoebe's:

We felt SO cute... and to celebrate out new do's... we got new clothes to go with them! I went to Primark, which is kind of like Ross meets Kohl's meets Costco. It looks like a Kohl's with a costco amount of clothes (like 500 shirts on each table) and Ross prices (actually cheaper). I got a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn style eyelit lace dress in this royal purple color for only £12.50!!!! I also got a hoodie, sweater, plaid shirt, tights, and all for £30!!! Then we went to H&M where I got another cardigan... and then we hit up Camden (which I have decided is my last trip to Camden... I have been there enough). I got a sweater, and socks there. We also had KFC in Camden and a small popcorn chicken to them is literally like 5 tiny popcorn chickens in a tiny little box

We got some nice chinese food in Camden... here's us with cute hair and delicious food... you can't see it, but we're surrounded by our purchases!
It was a wonderful day... The weather was perfect and I didn't wear my coat all afternoon!!! I even got to wear my sunglasses because it was sunny and 57 degrees... at one point I even took my cardigan off and just wore my tshirt... shocking, I know!
What a great day!!

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Nicole T said...

Love the hair! I was expecting a more drastic color but the cut is amazing! Tell Phoebe she looks super cute too. Both very posh!