Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hull for the weekend...

I am leaving tomorrow morning for Kingston upon Hull (better known as Hull)! I am way excited about this weekend. I am going up to visit friends of friends as previously mentioned and now that classes are done and Royal Holloway student population is thinning as they all leave to go home for Easter Holiday, I am anxious to be getting out and away from Founder's Hall. I am most excited about being in a house, with home cooked food for a couple days. I am also VERY excited to be seeing yet another part of England... I know, you didn't think it was possible for any bit of England left to be discovered after my extensive travels, but there is. Hull in a coastal town in the north east of England! I am also very excited to meet John and Ann.

In other news I bought my plan ticket to Frankfurt Germany to visit Matt and Sylvia! I will be there April 17th - April 26th! I am so excited to get to travel around a bit of Germany and we are even taking a holiday at Edelweiss Resort in Garmish, Germany in Bavaria... it is absolutely gorgeous!!! The Resort even offers a 3 country driving tour, so while I'm there I'll be able to get my passport stamped in Italy, Austra, and Switzerland too! Now that I have the tickets paid for I can start making a list of all the places I want to see in southern Germany!

And to not leave you without some picture... this is me last night all dressed up to go to the theater. The dress is from Primark which is the greatest store ever!!

Phoebe and I saw the campus production of the musical Jekyll & Hyde... it was awful. The production quality was abysmal and the singing was mediocre (except for the girl playing Lucy - she was very talented). The theater was also ghastly! It was hardly bigger than a classroom and had folding chairs and NO STAGE!!! there was just a line in the floor where the actors couldn't cross. I heard though that years and years ago Judi Dench offered to donate money to the school for them to build a proper auditorium... Royal Holloway instead informed her that they wanted to use the money to build a Japanese Theater instead. She pulled the funds, Royal Holloway still built the Japanese Theater and it current lies unused and vacant... because that was the stupidest idea in the whole world!!! I SORRY when Dame Judi Dench gives you money and tells you to build an auditorium, you build an auditorium!!! Stupid Royal Holloway!!!!

Anyway... I should get to packing for my trip!


Jeannette's Blog said...

alright you little brit where is my friend Miranda?? You used approx. 15 English only descriptive words that us Americans don't understand!!! What is "ghastly" mean anyway??? I love you but when you come home if you still have that accent it's gonna be like the episode of "friends" when Jennifer Coolidge guest stars and used to be Monica and Phoebe's friend but then moved to England and got a fake british accent!! Alright, I will still be your friend if have the accent...on one help me perfect mine!!! Love ya:)

Skerrib said...

I would do pretty much anything Dame Judi Dench asked me to. I think she's faboo.

Amy T Schubert said...

girl, I want that dress. Can we go shopping when I'm in town?