Thursday, March 19, 2009

bullet point updates...

- I am eagerly awaiting my exam term schedule so I can plan my traveling in May and June. I am super excited about my Greek Cruise. Phoebe and I have decided to plan a whirl-wind adventure through Europe with stops in such places as Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam (for the history and NOTHING ELSE), Norway (haven't decided where yet), Prague, Athens (greek Island cruise), Pompeii, and Zurich... to name a few! Whether we get to all those places is still up in the air.
- I finished almost an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's the other night and realize that my snack habits have gotten out of control! I have given up chocolate until easter.
- My niece took her first step. Check out Nicole's blog.
- Yesterday I spontaneously went to Staines with Phoebe to go see Young Victoria. It was such a short movie and I cannot believe it just ended... seriously there seemed to be no climax in the plot... no resolution. It was like a documentary that just stopped all of a sudden. It was awful. It is such a beautiful story... Victoria as a young monarch and especially her love story with Albert is just SO romantic... It was so disappointing how suddenly it ended and how short it was.
- Also while in Staines I bought cute black boots (£15!!)
- The weather here is improving greatly and I got to sit out on the lawn for over an hour reading a book and enjoying the sunshine... I mean it was 62 degrees with a cold breeze so it wasn't the most comfortable, but it was beautiful just the same. Yesterday in staines I walked around in a Tshirt all afternoon!!! YAY!
- Internet today sucks!
- I am dreading having to pack up my room in 3 weeks... only to have to unpack it all 2 weeks later.
- I am in the final stages of planning my parents trip here... there have been slight hiccups in that the prices for flights to Ireland is never the same when I check them, so we'll see. I also hope our B&B is nice, because the webpages give me nothing. Our days around london though are gonna rock the casbah!!
- I am super excited about my friend Amy coming to visit!!! She is planning our whole trip... so I am excited to see all she has planned, but mostly to spend time with her. I miss her!!
- This saturday I am traveling around Shakespeare's hometown, Stratford-upon-Avon... I still have not decided which souvenir I want.
- I got all my classes that I wanted at ASU this fall... my schedule is as follows:
Mondays and Wednesday: 9:40 - 10:30 HST 423 The Tudor Monarchy
5 - 6:15pm ENG 470 Children's Literature
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10:30 - 11:45 HST 498 France in WWII
3 - 4:15 HST 406 American Revolution
Fridays: 9:40 - 10:30 HST 423 The Tudor Monarchy
Online class: MUS 356 Survey of Broadway Musicals
It's gonna be a good semester I think :)
- today I should start on my research and outlines for my exams... but I'll get to them.
- I am itching for a really big thunderstorm here in England... but I am afraid I won't get one any time soon.


Amy T Schubert said...

i leave 2 weeks from today! hurrah!

NanAZ said...

I miss her and you too. By the way, we named Terry's Mandolin, Miranda Lynn at practice last night. (long story)

From what I hear (from Terry's mom who's been to Ireland several times) the B & B's are nothing impressive. It's just like staying in someone's home. But you get a good taste of life from the locals.

I'm taking a Rick Steve's DVD about Ireland and Scotland over to your parents tonight, so they can get a little preview. There are 2 hours on Ireland and an hour about Scotland.

Nicole T said...

whoa 9:40 am Miranda, are you really prepared for that! We all miss you! We missed you at girls night and we missed you at Amys shower. We are excited you are like 1/2 done and will be home soon!