Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Windsor Park...

On friday, Phoebe and I decided to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather with a ramble through Great Windsor Park. It is about a block away from Royal Holloway and i am planning on visiting there now once a week if the weather permits.

The trees are of course not in full bloom yet, but you can begin to see the buds of spring. It so fun to be in a place where you truly get to see spring unfold slowly... first England seemed to be littered with snow drops, then the daffodils have bloomed and now we are beginning to see more colorful flowers in bloom. It's lovely!

The wild life was also something to behold... I mean look at these ducks!!!
Phoebe and I partook in delicious ice cream!
Which in these pictures we discovered the ice cream blends in with our skin tone. Can YOU tell where the vanilla ice cream stops and the paleness begins?? We can't
We even found this charming storybook style bridge
Can't wait to enjoy more sunny days like this :)


linda t said...

That's a fake duck right? Cuz that is one unique looking duck!
Can't wait to BE THERE!

Skerrib said...

Is that really a real duck? Funky.