Monday, March 23, 2009


YAY! I just got my schedule for my exams tonight... don't ask me why they took their bloody sweet time getting it out. How hard is it to schedule exams? aren't they the same every year?? I just don't get it. But regardless of the stupidity of waiting until the last week of the term to get us this schedule, it is here and it is beautiful. I will basically have 2.5 weeks of exams right at the beginning of the exam term (which lasts for 7 weeks)!!!! My first exam is on May 1st, second exam is May 7th, and my last exam is May 12th. I will basically be studying a lot those weeks too to prepare for the exams, but all will be well. Then May 13th I will be FREE!!! Phoebe and I keep adding countries to our list of travel places. Tonight at dinner we laughed our heads off because we couldn't for the life of us remember Belgium was or if it was a country or a city - I kept saying over and over again "Brussels, Belgium... no Belgium, Brussels... no wait" trying to figure out which sounded right. HAHA. Belgium is in between France and the Netherlands and is in fact the country while Brussels is a city in Belgium... needless to say we determined that we didn't deserve to go there if we couldn't remember what it was. haha. But right now the list of destinations is as follows:

*Belgium (okay we're still going)
*South of France somewhere

That is quite a long list and of course that list is before I have actually checked into any flight prices or train prices or hostel prices or anything... it's just a wish list.
But our plan is to make two arcs around Europe (northern and southern)... the first arc will begin around May 17th then we'll return in time for the Summer Ball 2009 at RoHo for the end of the year celebration. Then the second arc will begin June 7th and go till June 19th or 20th... But don't quote be on this because again nothing is settled... I may end up staying longer if I need to. I'll probably be settling more plans tomorrow and wednesday.

Also tomorrow and wednesday I am planning on purchasing my tickets to Germany to visit Matt and Sylvia! I am SO excited to be going into Europe finally and even more excited to get to hang out more with my cousins! We had so much fun in London!

Also this coming weekend I will be going up to Hull, England for a few days! My friend Barb has some friends who live up there and I have been in touch with them for the last couple of months. John and Anne are so sweet and I can't wait to meet them properly on thursday! Hull is in Northern England and right on the coast. I am just excited to be away from Founders for a spell and in an actual home! It'll be marvelously relaxing.


Judi said...

Hi Miranda,
Judi Clarke here. I've been enjoying your blog very much since your mom told me about it. I am reliving my adventures in England and Europe with Lori (Hardin). Will you be getting a EurRail pass for your end of term travels? Sounds like you're having a blast - I'm so glad you've done this. It is so worth it and you'll have incredible memories forever from it!!
I'm excited for you and your parents for their visit. Can't wait to read your and your mom's blogs during the trip and see photos! Take care, Judi

Judi said...

P.S. from Judi
When Lori and I went, it was AGES ago (1984) and we COULD take photos inside St. Paul's and I DIDN'T have to pay to get into Maudlin (sp?) College. Did you see the deer in the "deer park" behing Maudlin? We'll have to compare photos someday. If I can get my photos scanned, I'll post some to my own blog and tell you when they're there.