Friday, April 03, 2009

My Inner Veronica Lake...

So as I told you all months ago I bought a package at the PYNK hair salon do have a hair cut, color, and complete make-over with a magazine quality photo shoot. So yesterday was the day!!! Phoebe and I were quite excited to hone our inner models and even had a night before fashion show to pick which outfits we would bring... we were allowed 4 at minimum! I didn't think I had very many cute clothes, but as it turns out I was well stocked with glamorous outfits! I decided to go for the old hollywood glamor of Veronica Lake with the make up style of Dita Von Teese.
So Phoebe and I arrived at the salon at 11am and proceeded to have our hair and make up done... the "mini-facial" was a simple lotion application before the inch of stage make up applied. Then after hair and make up we had our "mini-hand massage" (another simple lotion application) and manicure (nail polish application). I felt SO elegant and as soon as we were both finished our photo shoot commensed! They had SO many different backdrops and chairs and all places to "vogue strike a pose"!
We went through ALL of our outfits (5 each)! I had so much fun being a model! I insisted that Phoebe and I NOT take any pictures together because I had this fear they were gonna make us stand back to back and we would look like nerds. But the photographer in turn insisted we take some together because for some reason he thought we would regret it if we didn't... turns out the first pose he made us do was back to back! Phoebe and I started laughing hysterically... I'm sure the photographer thought we were mad.
So we took over 120 photos between us (which I guess is a lot compared to what they normally take - a compliment to us, I guess).
After the shoot was finished and Phoebe and I had gotten all our stuffed packed we ate lunch in the waiting area of the salon while we waited for our photos to be edited. As part of the package we got one photo free on a disk to keep, but I decided that if I liked more of the pictures I would get more, but I was thinking I would be able to get up to 5 pictures for around, I don't know, £20 - £50. As we sat down to take a look at our pictures I discovered the paper with the price breakdown for packages and 5 photos cost £250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess that was out the window. So as I went through the pictures I decided to be ruthless so as to not make the decision harder than it had to be. The guy helping us with looking through our photos began to get annoyed with us I think because he discovered that he wasn't gonna make money off of us... so as we went though the pictures say "No, no, no, no, no, no, maybe, no, no, no, yes..." he became less and less peppy about his compliments of our photos. Finally we got down to like 10 photos each and Phoebe and I picked our favorites for the free one.
Then to our great surprise and even greater dismay, he informs us that since we are getting the photo free, we will have no rights to the copyright and therefore a watermark had to be placed on the picture... no problem really, I was expecting a watermark in the corner of the photo... easily edited out ;)... NO!! He places is right across my arm and upper body!!!!! Oh H3££ NO!!! I was so frustrated and upset... so as he edited it on photoshop I tried to remind myself that the photo shoot was free and it was fun and a memory and that's all that mattered.
But God is kind and upon arriving home, putting the picture onto my computer and opening it up with photoshop that the unkind man had forgotten to compress the image and instead left it in two layers - the picture, and the copyright sign... it was an easy erase!! YAY!!!
So here is what I got with my day of glamour!!!

Phoebe and I also decided to fully take advantage of our hair, make up, and nails and put on an outfit from the shoot that we didn't get a picture with and do our own photo shoot around Founder's!!! It was actually more fun than the professional shoot!! The only trouble was there are conferenced going on around the campus and as we were trying to pose in all these places, business men and women in their nice suits and dresses would walk by and I'm sure thought we were idiots... no matter! Phoebe and I did try to play it off by stopping and start commenting on the daffodils and beautiful ponds. We were unconvincing, I'm sure.
But here are some pretty pictures of me and Phoebe...

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


linda t said...

Who are you and what have you done with my daughter!
OH MY GOSH, you look stunning Miranda!
You are so beautiful... inside and out.
And I can't wait to hug you to pieces!

kristen said...

wow that is an amazing picture and I would have love to see more! I bet they were all beautiful.

by the way I love phoebe's skirt!

Skerrib said...

WAY cool! The outdoor ones you guys took turned out just as well as the cool studio one. Lovely, both of you.

Laura said...

You look so so good! I love every one of them :) I miss you a lot this week by the many things to tell you and ask you. I can't wait to see the pictures and read the stories of your time with Amy!

Nicole T said...

wow, how beautiful you guys look! What abummer that guy was such a jerk!

NanAZ said...

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.