Wednesday, April 08, 2009


* My parents get in tomorrow for a week long visit!!! I am SOOO excited for them to be here... to show them around England and London... to show them all my favorite spots, the places I have been thinking about taking them!! Mostly I am just so excited to be with my mom and dad. I didn't realize how much I missed them until this past week when I started preparing for their arrival!! We all three of us are going to be crying messes in the middle of heathrow airport tomorrow, I just know it! The Brits won't know what hit them!

* I am also in the midst of packing up my room... in the Founder's Hall you have to move out of your room during the easter break unless you pay more money... I paid for this first 2 weeks, but now I have to move out until April 26th. I am staying with my parents in their hotel (which is on campus still) and then I'm sleeping one night in Phoebe's room while she's in switzerland, and then I'm off to Germany (first trip over to Europe!!). It has been difficult packing up, but all nice to organize some stuff and find stuff in the backs of drawers I had forgotten I had brought... shows you how much I needed it in the first place. I have also set aside a lot of stuff for my parents to take home... clothes I won't wear anymore... books, souvenirs that are just taking up space. I am also finding that I am looking forward to throwing away a ton of my clothes at the end of this trip... they are starting to look shabby and I'm sorry to say, but they won't be seeing the US again... luckily I have bought cute London clothes to replace them :)

* I am excited that Easter is coming up!!! I like Easter... I am sad I will be missing Easter Service at ODF this year and all the Baptisms... cause they're my favorite part, but my parents and I have big plans for Easter which will prove to be memorable... I'll share later.

* Amy was here for a 5 day visit... I am unable to post pictures of our trip cause I already packed my external hard drive, but it was a lot of fun!!! It was just great to get to spend time with my friend and show her around London! You can check her blog out, cause she'll probably post before I do.

* Cold is pretty much gone except a residual stuffy nose and plugged ears.

* I'll post again short posts to keep you updated on my days with my parents and what we're doing :)

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NanAZ said...

Have fun with your parents! Can't wait to hear all about it.