Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Germany (Day 4 -5)...

Day 4:

So Monday was another lazy day around the house... Sylvia did however run several errands to get ready for our big trip down to Bavaria, specifically Garmisch Germany to the Edelweiss Resort. Elijah, her and I ran around to the grocery store for snacks, got the oil changed in the car which took over 2 hrs... I was however able to catch from quality Days of Our Lives time in the waiting room. We also grabbed some chinese food and had a picnic in the park. Oh yeah... the weather in Germany was amazing!!! On monday it was 73 degrees and sunny... I got a little pink on my cheeks and arms!! I'm not sickly pale... I'm now just shockingly pale. There's a difference.

Matt, Sylvia and I watched more of Firefly in the evening and I stayed up even later after they'd gone to sleep to finish out the disc... I am now 6 episodes in.

Day 5:

Tuesday morning began with quite a predicament. It would seem that in all the planning to go to Garmisch, we failed to truly understand that Matt would be without a car and Scout (their dog) would therefore be left home in the house ALL DAY! We quickly improvised and Sylvia, Elijah and I decided to rent a car for our trip (this was hilariously funny because this meant the 2 hours oil change was pointless). I got this adorable pic of Elijah picking flowers while we were waiting for our rental car.

This meant that we left 4 hours late - no worries though... it's all about the journey and adventure of the journey. Matt and Sylvia have this wonderful little GPS that is pretty much the coolest ever! The british lady told us all the places we needed to turn and stop along our journey, so no maps needed. She did however fail us a couple times by failing to know about road construction and detours... but she was kind of like our 4th passenger and Sylvia and talked to her and treated her as such... and by talk to her, I mean give her lip and make fun of the way she pronounced the German streets.
So driving into Bavaria is like driving into a Grimm fairytale... all around you there are tiny villages dotting the hillside and the constant backdrop of towering, massive, alps covered with pure white snow. The villages her adorable with their Germany woodwork and little red houses and of course the church spire towering overhead. I couldn't stop taking pictures and I felt like I was in a storybook!

The views got better and better as we approach Edelwiess. This Resort is strictly for the men in the armed forces and their families. Families in the army, navy, air force, marines, etc. are all able to use the facilities during their leave. It is in a picturesque setting - absolutely phenomenal!! Our room had a wonderful view of the Zugspitze, which is the highest point in Germany.

Since the Resort is owned by the US, it accepts US currency as well as the Euro... however if you pay with Euros your change is still in US dollars - odd. I discovered at dinner that I had a 5 note in all three currencies - £5, €5 and $5!! Look at me! I am SO international!

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linda t said...

Great post Miranda. Amazing, breathtaking pics!
Oh I want to be there!