Friday, April 17, 2009

airports are retarded...

I am sitting here in Heathrow Terminal 5 waiting for my plane to Frankfurt in a little less than 2 hours. I am rather irritated at the fact that I am here 2 hours early (I actually arrive 2.5 hours early as I was told to do). Why?? Why am I this early?? Check-in took 30 seconds and security took even less than that... why is it that despite the ease of the whole security process, do they still tell you to get here even before they have your plane designated to a gate?? And why are all the stores designer brands?? and why am I so hungry?? I am trying to hold out on spending money and instead wait for my in flight snack on British Airways, but I think my stomach will eat itself before 2pm... seeing as it's 12:15 now. I also stupidly moved all my pictures to my external hard drive which is deep in my carry on suit case and so I can't take this opportunity to post fun pictures of either Amy's visit or my Parents' visit. Instead I have to sit... and wait... and you all get to hear my complaining. OH! One more thing... I didn't finish reading my book last night as planned and so with 20 pages left I had to pack it in my suit case, which means it's taking up room. I'll get it out on the plane and then for 10 days it'll just take up room. I am planning on checking my carry on bag on the way home because it is beyond stuffed and I have left no room for souvenirs. Okay... complaining over.

On to better things that excited me! I am going to Frankfurt, Germany!! I am so excited. I have been looking forward to this journey since before I learned I was coming to England in the first place. My cousin Matt is stationed over in Frankfurt with the Air Force and he and Sylvia and their son Elijah have been living there for I think almost 3 years. They are so much fun! and you may remember them as my travel companions through the London Zoo in March. I am so looking forward to spending 10 days with them. Even if a majority of the time is sitting around just hanging out, I am more than excited. Unfortunately we learned 2 weeks ago that Matt's leave was cancelled by the Air Force in favor of a training... SUCK! So Matt's time with us will be relegated to evenings and weekends. Bummer! But Sylvia and Elijah are more than happy to show me around and entertain me... and quite frankly I am more than easily entertained :)

So I hopefully will have time to blog and catch you all up while I'm there... but I won't make promises cause I did that when my parents were here and as we all know, I failed you.

But I hope you are all well. I am wonderful! Life is exciting and fulfilling and I am incredibly blessed!! Love you all!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great time with Amy and then your parents! I prayed for all of you. Please give my love to Matt, Sylvia, and Elijah. Your time together will be priceless. Can't wait to read all about it! Love, Aunt Etna

NanAZ said...

I've been in Frankfurt too. I didn't spend much time there...I think I just changed planes but can't remember for sure. I really loved Germany and it will be great that you have someone with you that knows their way around. I was there with my German colleagues which was AWESOME for directions, communication, translation, tour guides, etc.!

Looking forward to your posts!

Nicole T said...

I say toss the book when you are done. just an idea.