Thursday, April 30, 2009

bullet point updates...

Even though all my germany posts are out of order, make sure you read them!! I'll eventually get them into chronological order in the next couple days, but the posting has been so sporadic that I figured I wouldn't hide the newly posted posts down at the bottom :)

But to bring you up to speed since Sunday's fainting spell - I'm totally fine. It was just dehydration... I have a tiny sore throat, but I think that's due to a cancker sore... if this is too much information, I apologize :)

Here we go...
* I have been studying for exams and this morning finally finished outlining the topics... now I just have to memorize the outlines in order to write 2 AWESOME essays... and by "awesome" I mean "essays that will at least allow me to pass."
* My baggy jeans are now too small for me... sad day - it's all the muscle in my legs... stupid Europe and it's stairs and uphill-ness.
* because of the above, I have now began doing yoga and stretching a couple times a day for a few minutes in my room :)
* I love the raisin bread they sell in the college shop
* I missed the fruit market on tuesday and now have to wait until NEXT tuesday for my delicious fresh fruits
* Phoebe and I got 3 clusters of bananas EACH from a fruit market in Staines yesterday for ONLY A POUND!!! They are amazingly delicious!
* Phoebe, Leonore, and I saw Wolverine yesterday and I LOVE Hugh Jackman... he's SO awesome!! The movie overall was amazing - not perfect, but very very cool!
* I finished Firefly the series and will be watching Serenity the movie this afternoon
* I will be starting the Band of Brothers series tomorrow :)
* For those of you who didn't read on my mom's blog - my Grandpa (her dad) went to Dachau Concentration Camp after it was liberated immediately following the war on orders from General Eisenhower. Finding that out made my visit there all the more special... I am only sad I won't be able to talk to him about it because he won't remember because of Alzheimer's.
* I finished Phoebe and mine's plan for traveling around Europe (both arcs)!!!! I am SO excited!!! we leave 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!!!!!
* I have been waking up ready for the day for the past few days at 7:30am - 8am!!!!! This is SO odd, and yet SO awesome! I am not tired or feeling like I'm up too early - the sun is blazing through my window, so I feel like it's later... but this means I have SO much more of the day to live :)
* I have been wearing my glasses for the entire week... not put a contact in since Sunday.
* Leonore, Phoebe and I are going to Hampshire on saturday to tour Jane Austen country... her home, her grave, and probably a tea room - it'll be lovely!!

okay - I'm now going to run down to the college shop for a sandwich and water bottle :) later!


Skerrib said...

I thought I would hate Band of Brothers but I really liked it.

leonore said...

I should rewatch Firefly. Or study for GED. Haven't decided which yet...