Thursday, April 23, 2009

Germany (Day 7)...

This day began unexpectedly cloudy and dreary. We had planned on going to Neuschwanstein this day, but we refused to see the fairytale castle in such dismal weather... so instead we decided a roadtrip away from Garmisch was the ticket. Where should we go that is close by? Oh that's right - Italy! Why not just pop over to Italy for the day - sounds great (I love Europe!!). So Sylvia's friend had told her about a charming town just on the other side of the Italian border that was worth visiting called Vipiteno. So Sylvia and I thought, "great!! Italy should be sunny... I mean it's Italy after all." So Elijah, Sylvia and I packed up and headed out -

As we drove out of town it poured rain...

So as we kept driving, we waited for the sun to break through... but to our incredible surprise, it began to snow... and then snow harder

And then without warning... we were in a blizzard

What the heck Italy?? Where is this famous Tuscan sun everyone keeps talking about?
But we rode through the blizzard and on the other side lay Vipiteno... in the sunshine - thank you Italy, I appreciate your coooperation. Unfortunately it was still frigid!! like snow jacket frigid, and all I had was a hoodie - Elijah came prepared with his snow jacket - he's always thinkin', that one.

Sylvia and I were very proud that we made it through the blizzard

As we walked through the streets of Vipiteno (or should I say, "street") we started to become keenly aware that this little town, although picturesque, actually was super lame!

So we grabbed an italian lunch (mushroom ravioli - IN ITALY!!!) and then headed back home. Along the side of the road (which we could see now that there wasn't a blizzard anymore) we came upon this charming castle... Don't you just love how Germany has Castles on the side of the road.

When we arrived back in Garmisch we decided that the best way to spend the evening before dinner would be to go swimming in the indoor pool!! yay!! expect upon donning my swim suit I realized how physically UNREADY I am for swimsuit season... ugh! Luckily there were only small children and old retired military men... the perfect crowd. Elijah LOVED swimming!!

After swimming we were all quite famished and so we were ready for dinner... to our dismay the two cheaper restaurants were closed for the night and the front desk refused to give us any ideas for local restaurants... we were so hungry and the only places available were the nice restaurant (the steakhouse - which we didn't think would even let us in cause we were in our PJs already) and the buffet place which charged $15 for a meal!!!!!!!! We finally conceded (which was the resorts plan all along - the evil conniving lot of them) and eat at the buffet. I was in a "stick it to the man" kind of mood by this point so I vowed to eat my weight in something to get more than my money's worth. I felt like I did that in the end. It was Texas night - so they had fried chicked, baked beans, potato salad, every type of cake you could desire, an ice cream bar, soup, cat fish, a salad bar, bread, and delicious raspberry lemonaide - I had it all!!! or at least small portions of it all!!
So with tummies full and tired from blizzards, walking, swimming, and eating - we headed to bed.

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