Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My feet have shrunk...

I have always worn a size 8.5 in shoes. Ever since jr. high I have had these clod-hopper feet, but I have noticed in my recent shoe buy escapades that I wear an 8. I know that is not a HUGE deal, but sometimes I will find a pair of 7.5!!! Now before you think that it may just be the brands of shoes that I am wearing, you'll be happy to know that even the 8.5 shoes I have owned for a while are big on me now... what is this??

Okay, so after 3 requests submitted for classes at Royal Holloway I have finally finalized my "study plan". I kept picking classes that I was less and less interested in before I finally found some classes that still had space available. My classes are as follows:

English 2208 - (Elizabeth) Gaskell, (George) Eliot, and (Charles) Dickens

History 2010 - Conquest and Colonization: Culture, Society and Religion 1000-1300

History 2213 Modern British History 1914 - 1973

I am choosing to look on the bright side though and although I am not interested AT ALL in modern British History or Colonization pattern amongst Europe PRIOR to the Middle Ages I am going to take it in stride and think that there must be a reason why I am in these particular classes. After all I will still be in England and that was always the point anyway.
I have also been stocking up on the stuff I need for England. I got a down jacket the other day at Burlington coat Factory which is really cute!! I also have lots of sweaters and long sleeve shirts and scarves and gloves, etc to keep me warm.
I have also researched the amount of luggage I am able to take with me over there and I have no idea if I'll be able to fit it all in my 2 checked bags and 2 carry-ons (one carry on being a backpack). I'll probably ship stuff over there too, but I can't think how much that'll cost.
Other than that life has been good! I am feeling more scholastic. With my work schedule being minimal (15 - 20hrs a week) I have more time to do homework and more time to RELAX!!
Also, one of my FAVORITE holidays is this week!! YAY halloween! I have already had one party and this friday I'll have 2 more... one is for work in the morning and the other is Shawn and Nicole's. I am way excited!! The party on sunday was our college groups and I went as Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I think what I love most about Halloween is the part where I dress up! I had so much fun getting all dressed up. Of course I was the Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy, which meant 1997 baby!!! I also loved walking into Home Depot and asking for a wooden stake (of course I was in costume on the way to the party). The guy looked puzzled, so I clarified, "a stake that you'd hammer into the ground." to which he replied, "or kill a vampire with?" I laughed so hard and he became my favorite person for the day. Here are some pictures, because I know none of you read the above and that all we blog readers look at are pictures, hehe.


linda t said...

Great pics!
I am sooo thankful you are getting in the groove of school and such. And even more thankful your hours at work are less. Yahoo!
Enjoy these times Miranda... knowing the best is yet to come!
I am your biggest fan!
Go for your dreams!

kristen said...

Oh my gosh I love the costume...how come your costumes come together perfectly and I can put anything together worthwhile! I think she actually wore that exact outfit in one of the shows.

Oh and how cute was Angel...loved that show too!

Skerrib said...

I'm a big believer in warm winter hats.

Very cool on the stake!