Sunday, October 19, 2008

I wish...

I wish I could afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I have working in a professional environment for 3 years now. Every time I go shopping I always buy based on whether I can wear something to work. Now that I will shortly be leaving my job and at least for a time (while in England) dress however I want, I have no idea what my style is. Do I like my clothes because they serve their purpose for work or because they represent who I am... I would love to just start from scratch.

I wish I could sit down for the ENTIRE day and pour over my travel books in England and really get excited. I have yet to really think long and hard about my trip to England and plan my time there. It is only 11 weeks away and I have not serious thought or allowed myself to seriously think about the fact that I will be living in another country for 7 months... be away from my family for 7 months... I have pondered non of the logistics and every time I try to begin, I always have something more pressing to do for homework, or work... etc.

I wish I could read books off my pleasure reading list. I have a whole list of books I WANT to read, but they come second to books I NEED to read for class. I can't wait till december... I'm gonna catch up a lot.

I wish there were better movies in theaters. I don't even know what movies are in the theaters right now. I kind of want to see The Duchess, but I can wait for rental. I CANNOT WAIT for James Bond next month. But other than that the movie selection currently leaves much to be desired.

I wish I didn't have to sleep. Sometimes I could stay up all night if I was allowed to. But work the next day or school the next day always talks me into going to bed. But, sometimes I wish I didn't have to because there is so much I want to do and not enough daylight hours to do it in.

I wish I had time and money to cook a REALLY GOOD meal. I haven't cooked in months and months. Not since I lived on my own. I miss it, but I don't really have money to spend on delicious ingredients nor the time to prepare, and I feel it's pointless unless you have someone besides yourself to cook for.

I wish I had motivation to prepare for the class I'm teaching tomorrow. I am teaching a brand new class this quarter called Myokinetics and it takes a lot of prep since... like I've said... I have never taught it. I feel like I'm a brand new instructor again because I have no experience with this class aside from a couple of days worth of trainings. It make me nervous.


Amy T Schubert said...

Once you have a better idea of what your time in England will look like, will you please post a nice long blog about it?


Your fan.

kristen said...

So where will you be the other 4 months away from you family?or did I read that wrong? I too wish I could start over on the clothes front and it is really hard for me because I don't really have anywhere to go to get dressed for.

To answer your question we are trying really hard to come but Joe's teacher told him to ask him again about the schedule in a couple of weeks so we are praying it works! We want to see you!

Nicole T said...

If wishes were horses...
I think you should have a list on your blog of your pleasure reading books so we can all see whats next for your reading pleasure! Oh and of course a christmas wish list!