Friday, October 10, 2008

Spinster Night!

Tonight is the first official "Spinster Night" for my friend Teresa and I. I am very excited because we have been talking about having this night for some months now. It will basically consist of her and I sitting, talking, catching up, and probably watching Jane Austen movies and drinking tea (even though I don't like tea, I should get use to it since I'm going to England). Shannon will also be joining us and so we trio of Spinsters are in for quite a night!!

Speaking of tea, I got rid of my stye!! (well for the most part... it's still slowly going away)
I realize that unless you have facebook, you obviously haven't been in the know about my eye affliction. I I got a stye in my upper eyelid. It wasn't a serious one, but it was super annoying and hurt when I blinked and I couldn't wear my contacts or eye make up, so I have been sporting the glasses for 3 days. Good thing my glasses are amazingly cute!
Anyhoo, the trick to getting rid of it was tea bags. My friend Leah at work told me to get a tea bag REALLY hot and place it on my eye for 20minutes and every time it gets cool, quickly reheat it so it stays really hot... two days later and the stye is gone!! yippie! I am really thankful it is gone because I have to look particularly pretty for a wedding tomorrow night. Basically Kendra and I are going to a wedding (3rd wedding in 2 weeks) and we are taking the opportunity to look REALLY pretty and get all fancy-fied and have the time of our lives. There also may be cute boys at the wedding and so I didn't want gross eye stye to drive potential suitors away.
As for what I'm wearing to the wedding, well I'm glad you asked. I bought a dress at forever21 2 weeks ago just for this wedding (because I don't own a lot of NICE dresses that I haven't already worn to SEVERAL weddings). When I tried the dress on everything was fine in the fitting room. It was a little roomy on me, but, I for some reason thought that was okay. Until I tried it on yesterday and it seriously SWIMMING on me. I called a couple other stores to see if they had a smaller size, but no luck - it was clearance so I don't know what I was expecting. I also noticed the seam along the zipper was undone so that would need to be re-sewn. Well, my seamstress is touring the midwest right now, so it was up to me. I am so very proud of myself, because I altered it and got it so what is probably 2 sizes smaller than what is originally was. Medium -- XSmall!! yay me. I wished I would have taken before and after shots of the fit so you could see all I did, but it looks beautiful! I am so excited to rock the wedding tomorrow!

I will definitely take pictures so you can all see my great accomplishments!

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Skerrib said...

Pics of the amazingly cute specs, please. I get styes occasionally--I'll have to use the tea bag idea next time!