Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bad things happen in 5's?

It would appear that life is not going my way...

1. I lost my notebook that has ALL my notes from my classes thus far this semester. (Note: I did end up finding where it was and will retrieve it shortly... but still: Freak out!!)

2. ALL the classes I requested to take over in England are full. SUPER BUMMED! Now I have to find new classes and I really thought I had the perfect class load.

3. My bike has a flat tire and so I will continue to drive to school and pay for parking until and alternate bike can be retrieved from my parents house or my bike can be fixed

4. I don't understand my Spanish homework and have not read all my required reading for my "Arthur class"... I think I am hitting the "I want to quit school" phase of the semester.

5. As the last 9 weeks of work slowly count down, it is harder for me to engage in my job. I am really trying to end well there, but I am loosing motivation, and fast.

On a lighter note, got to spend time with Emolyn on Sunday. My family had a really fun time over at Shawn and Nicole's for lunch.


Skerrib said...

Awww, love the pretty blue bow on Emolyn's dress.

SO glad you found your notebook. I would've cried.

Nicole T said...

love the pictures. I am pretty sure there will never be another photo of me again now that Emolyn is here. Oh well at least I can stop wearing make up.