Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reasons why men should want to marry Kendra and Miranda

Tonight in between the ceremony and reception of the Nelson wedding, Kendra and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to make a pictorial portfolio of why men should want to marry us... (and notice the dress and how well my alterations turned out!!)

Age: 23
Occupation: Massage Therapist, History major @ ASU
Interests: movies, books, England, witty banter, and Christ
Special Notes: She knows her comic book mythology, loves Disneyland, and speaks in a british accent - often
Favorite Song: anything but reggae
Age: 24
Occupation: Child-Life Specialist
Interests: Likes kids, painting, laughing really hard, and Christ
Special Notes: She can sew, bake, and her eyes change color from blue to green depending on what she's wearing
Favorite Song: "Forever" by John Stamos
mmm... what's cookin' Kendra?
eat your heart out gentlemen
hot stuff comin' thru
not just a pretty face
no wrinkle stands a chance against the ironing prowess of Miss Kendra Evans
yes, I always vacuum in heels... don't you?
it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it... and in a gorgeous cocktail dress no less.
time for the dusting...
Donna Reed has nothing on us.
The bed even matches her outfit.
Martha Stewart says the throw pillows should take up half the bed... mission accomplished


Amy T Schubert said...

man, #1 - I really hope some this is not what you think about marriage ...

... that said ...

#2, as I was scrolling through these I thought, "Please let there me one with a martini"

Your dress is SUPER cute.

Jeannette's Blog said...

If you really vacuum in heels I'll marry you!!! Love ya girlie and miss you tons!!!

brandi said...

You haven't married yet, because you haven't met him in England yet! Just wait, God has been saving the right one just for you, Miranda!!!!

kristen said...

so cute and fun! I love love love the dress.

Jake, Holly and McKenzie said...

you guys are so HOTT! and silly! and congrats on going to Europe! WOOT WOOT! MmMmMM find some hot British boy and bring him home! :)

Skerrib said...

I think your choice of the type of British accent is important. London? Liverpool? Cockney? More Princess Diana or Mary Poppins and less Eliza Doolittle or Bert-from-Mary-Poppins is probably good. But that's just me...

NanAZ said...

LOVE the aprons!!!! You'll have a blast using your accent in London and I'm sure you'll even get better at it.

We know of someone who was engaged to be married and the girl went away to study in Europe for a semester. Sad news is that she met someone in Paris and broke off the engagement. Awesome news is that SHE MET SOMEONE IN PARIS that she wanted to stay with!!!

We know some missionaries in France, Spain and in Germany so if you need some friendly Christian folks to hook up with to see the sights and meet other Christians, I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige. Let me know and I can connect you thru email.

NanAZ said...

Oh and check out my niece, Lisa's recent posts about men. Funny and sad all at the same time.