Wednesday, March 28, 2007

no more internet...

So I guess whatever neighbor I was picking up internet access from sensed that I was stealing from him and now the internet is gone... so I am at my parents house on my lunch break checking my email and such... I will hopefully be getting my own internet shortly, but till then the posting and answering of emails will be few and far between.

The apartment is lovely... haven't had time in the last two days to unpack anything really, so my room and the second room are still in boxes... my living room is pretty settled and now I am just waiting for a couch, which will be coming in the next month.

Last night I went to this young women's thing for our church at my friend Shannon's house... it was actually pretty cool, I met some nice people and we really got to share some stuff with each other. It is a once a month thing, but it will be really cool. While I was there I was telling shannon that I needed a microwave for my apartment and low and behold she happens to be getting a new one and she said I can take her old one... do you know how exciting this makes me? now I can eat all this food that I bought last sunday... I just needed a microwave to heat it all up!!! Exciting times.

I had a meeting this morning at work at 9:30 that was kind of a last minute thing, but we were told we all had to be there so that we can re-enroll in the benefits... so I got up and went to work 4 hours before I was actually supposed to... turns out we really didn't have to be there and that they were just explaining our benefits and the entire meeting lasted a whole of 15 minutes... a 20minute drive for a 15 minutes meeting... so frustrating!!! so I think I will take this opportunity to get a nap in and watch a movie before I head off to work again this afternoon... especially since I am working until 11pm tonight (lovely night program!!)

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Aaron said...

Steal internet? I would never... (the rest of this note was interrupted when the stolen signal faded.)