Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Robin Hood

Kind of addicted to the new BBC Robin Hood. It aired on BBC in the UK last year and just started on BBC America on cable. I don't have the patience to wait a week at a time for each episode so instead I found an online place that had the first 9 episodes for free online (there are 13 total)... I watched them all in two days. Now I have 4 more episodes to go, and they are not online yet... ugh. The guy who plays Robin Hood kind of has a Joseph Fiennes circa Shakespeare in Love thing going for him which is very charming and refreshing. The whole thing is a little campy at times... but hey its Robin Hood - the story was made for campiness. Check out the link on my "Movies" list.

Tom is watching Casino Royale on his computer behind me... which is reminding me I need to buy that DVD, along with The Holiday and Peter Pan Platinum edition DVD. But not till after New York and after I rebuild the bank account.

If I don't post before I leave tonight, I'll see you all on tuesday and with tons of pictures of parking meters and windows and hot dog stands. Seriously I brought 2 memory cards with enough to take over 700 pictures.

see ya later!

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