Friday, March 23, 2007

An empty room...

It's strange sitting in my room without all of my stuff. My parents and I unloaded all of my stuff into my apartment this evening along with Shawn, Andy, Travis, and Mark Williams... it was a blast - Andy and his wife I have known for a while and are my neighbors. Travis is also a friend from church, and the younger brother of two of my best friends, and he lives in the apartments as well. Mark is Travis' dad. So all of them turned out for my big move in.... then we went to dinner. Now I am back home with just a hand-full of my stuff left and my room is feeling rather empty... there is a crazy echo in the absence of clutter. So tomorrow morning I am heading back there to finish taking some stuff over and then either tomorrow night or sunday night will be my first night in the place. I still have to go down and have SRP put the electricity in my name... plus i have to start changing my address for bills, subscriptions, netflix... etc.

I love my apartment... so cozy and mine! That's the big thing... the "mine" factor... it's a place that is just mine!!! I would post pictures but I realize I packed my cord that hooks my camera to the computer and it is now in a box in my living room across town. But tomorrow I may be able to get it up.

Also by the end of this weekend i will have a bunch unpacked, so I can relax and post some new york stuff... for right now I am going to call it a night with a movie and then sleep. Tyler's big 18th birthday party is tomorrow night and I have a big day ahead of me with helping my mom decorate and cook and spending some time at my place settling in.


ATS said...

so exciting!! I can't wait to invite myself over!

NanAZ said...

Yes, me too. When do we get to come? Do you want to scrap there or is that too overwhelming? Can we just drop by some evening? Let us know.

I can't wait to see it!