Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 5... the last day

We woke up, packed up, and shipped out...

First stop St. Malachy's chapel (The Actor's chapel)... Very Catholic in decor, but low and behold the organ rang out with "There's no Business Like Show Business"... AWESOME! I was disappointed to see no angel with jazz hands in any of the frescos.

The students sang some tunes for local patrons... it was nice
After the chapel it was off to China Town for some reputable shopping... but on the way we drove past the famous Copacabana which is unfortunately is closing down... The kids were so excited because they had just finished their musical about the famous night club
Ahh Chinatown... I got a Tiffany's ring, a couple pashminas, and a samurai sword... awesome!

I was a master at the haggling... I got the $20 sword for only $11... and a tiffany's bracelet and ring for $12 together... everyone with me was so impressed, but what can I say after being taken to yardsales for my whole life by my mom and learning from the master herself, what can I say... I am my mother's daughter.

So after Chinatown we left the city and drove back to Newark airport in Jersey... and flew home... I have to say as much as I love the city and had so much fun, I could never live there... but I am fully planning on another trip to the city soon.


ATS said...

I totally forgot how much I loved NY until I saw your pictures ... I'm definitely inspired to plan a trip now ...

linda t said...

WOW! Well done Miranda!
So fun experiencing those 5 days on your blog!
You are going to put out a killer New York Scrapbook!

Aaron said...

Miranda, that was the blog of the century -- five separate posts, numerous pictures, anecdotes galore... I truly bow before the throne of blogging royalty. Seriously, though, what an absolutely amazing trip -- I'm so glad you got to go (and so glad that Tyler got to spend his 18th bday in NYC with snow falling...that is too choice.)

kristen said...

I am now more excited about one day being able to go and I think you would a great person to go with hint hint!!! You understand all the important things to see and do in new york (joe just doesn't get shopping and broadway) Maybe someday we can plan a girlie trip fun fun! love ya