Sunday, March 25, 2007


NEW YORK TRIP... this will mostly be pictures and such... but I'll do my best to tell some stories too.

Mostly it was so much fun... exhausting too. I tell everyone that... the city is so crazy and busy and you are seriously pushing your way through millions of people on the street, but at the same time I had to be keeping track of near 10 students at a time. I had a lot of fun though... choir and drama kids are so funny and quirky. I also had forgotten that high school students have this type of humor where everything can be made dirty... so I really had to watch how I worded things or they would fall into fits of giggles.

I did everything a tourist could do.. so now I am ready to go back and just blend in... not have to go see Ellis Island, which was amazing, or the statue of liberty, which was lack-luster. I can just go and see New York through the back door and see lots of broadway shows.

Alright to start out you have to know that we were there during a huge snow storm... airports closed, schoold shut down... and we retarded arizonians out and about in Battery park, Liberty island, ellis island, ground zero and time square... so dumb, but we did it in the sleet and hail and snow. It only lasted one day and then the rest of the weekend we had this beautiful crisp winter chill and snow on the ground around the streets of 42nd street. Perfect new york experience.

Day 1: Red Eye Flight, Central Park, 5th Avenue - FAO Schwartz, 24 hour Apple Store, and Tiffany & Co
the whole plane was our... I slept maybe a total of 3 hours... in 15minute incriments - which equals no sleep at all.
view of the city outside my window of the plane... just as the sun was rising.
Central Park(above: Tavern on the green)
(this dome was pretty cool... some of the choir kids got in and sang the national anthem - Tyler was one of them)
We're at the met... singing... turns out that's illegal - A nice police officer told us that. =)
Below is me and my new friend Sarah... she is the drama student teacher and my roomate for the trip... we clicked instantly and had a ton of fun together!
Below is me in front of tiffany & co... don't I look like i belong in new york?
Noah and I playing tunes on the keyboard at FAO Schwartz... what a movie moment huh?

Day 2 is coming...

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Kendra ;) said...

Jim: Quick question, why is Tom Hanks on the wall?

Ryan: Twice.

Michael Scott: Good question. Forest Gump, mentally challenged. Philadelphia, AIDS.

Kevin: I think that's from Big.

Michael Scott: I don't think so, no.

Kelly: Yeah, he's dancing on a piano with Robert Loggia.

Michael Scott: He grew into a man overnight. Rare disability, still works.