Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Itinerary for New York...

Just watched Tyler on NBC's Mid-Day show... he tapped his little heart out along with the Copacabana boys... it was so cool. I am excited about opening night tomorrow night! Anyone who needs tickets, please let my mom and I know.

Got my itinerary for New York this morning also... actually I just stole Tyler's packet to look at. It will be so awesome... we will be taking tons of tours and I'll be able to have a lot of time to explore (with some students with me of course). Also found out that Saturday night in NY, we will get to do whatever we want (with students)... we can go see a show, shopping, enjoy the general splendor of New York. I have decided I am going to convince some kids to go see another show with me... (we will have just seen Mama Mia that afternoon). I am thinking Jersey Boys, Wicked, or Spamalot! Sounds fun.

Side Note: Amy - check out what I discovered is on Broadway (actually Off-Broadway) - Anne of Green Gables: the Musical

We will also have time to shop around time square so I am going to get some killer souvenirs!!!

New York here I come!

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ATS said...

OH! so jealous ... I looked up the girl who plays Anne and she is just the cutest thing ...