Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 3... my favorite day

This day has lots of fun stories to go along with it... to begin we went to a workshop with some cast members from Mama Mia... I got to take part in learning the song and the dance... really fun. Then we went to go see the show which was a really fun show... lots of energy and color and hit ABBA songs... great! Then we got to have a free night roaming around Time Square having dinner and seeing shows.

jazz hands... that is me in the black leggings and green striped shirt near the back
Mama mia... here I go again
So after the show we were on our own... I had about 10 students with me who wanted to go see Spamalot... unfortunately there were only 3 seats left... sad times
So instead we went to see The Drowsy Chaperone (see the symobolism?) It was absolutely fantastic... so funny and for anyone who is a theater fan, you'll totally get all the jokes and humor
So after we got our tickets for the show, we had several hours to walk around and have dinner... a couple of the students and I went to the best diner in Manhattan voted by the Daily News... it was called The Westway Diner... But as we were walking around looking for something to eat we had a quintessential New York moment... We got caught in the middle of a fight between a drunken pedestrian (it was St. Patty's Day remember) and a bunch of guys and their mom in an SUV... they began yelling and throwing out obscenities! I was convinced someone was going to pull out a gun (you would have too if you'd have seen them)... and we were all standing on this corner waiting for a walk sign about 5 feet away... so I quickly ushered my kids to opposite direction (hard to do when they stop to gawk)... and then we laughed about the thought of me being gunned down and them being the only ones to carry on my story... but this is us at the diner, which had such delicious food. It was so New York Diner... we had so much fun!(clockwise around the table: Grace, Chris, Nicole, Noah, Jessica, Me, Tyler, and Sean)

Yay brother and sister shot! We sat together at the show
After the show we rode the elevators at the Mariott Marquis to the 45th floor... Then to Roxi's in Time Square for delicious Cheesecake - thanks Lynches for the suggestion

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