Friday, April 06, 2007

This one's gonna take a while...

I know you all are completely in withdrawals over my lack of posting... I am speaking to all 4 of you who read this blog. So what I have been hearing from most of you is that my anicdotes about New York were completely overlooked in light of all the pictures... so for the 2 out of the 4 who are reading this... thank you!!

I do have a funny story that will make me look like a complete idiot! I got locked out of my apartment for almost the whole day yesterday! That's right... I stupidly stepped out of my front door without my keys or cell phone or for that fact clothes other than my sweats and shoes... I realized only too late that I had no chance of returning to my home because the landlord was gone... so I walked 5 apartments down to my friends Andy and Carissa Allen's apartment, who were luckily home and hung out for a couple hours... then when they left for work at around 1:30 I visited my other neighbors Jerilyn and her precious little girl Catherine. So from about 11:30am - 4:30pm I got to know my neighbors and totally missed my afternoon class that I was supposed to teach. I know I could have called a locksmith, but that would have cost me $100. I could have had duplicate keys hidden somewhere, but ironically that is what was on my list of things to do this weekend.

I also, if you may not have noticed already, have internet (hence the current posting). The bummer part of that is that in the process of hooking up my internet, they turned off my cable TV (which I am not sure if I was paying for as part of my rent or not). So I have to figure that out.

Okay so for those of you who skipped reading the first part of this post in order to look at pictures... here is your chance. These are pictures of my moving process...

So excited about moving!!
I am such a great delegator... tis picture wa completely posed
My dad drove the moving truck... we are going down the SR-51 toward my new place!!
My living room
The kitchen
As soon as we arrived at the apartment everyone came out of the woodwork to help bring the furniture in... which took all of 30 minutes. Andy and Travis and Shawn (all current or previous residents of Glenwood Terrace gave me tips of how the apartment complex works... awesome!
This is now after a week of unpacking...(the living room)

The living room is really the only room that is settled for the most part so that is all the pictures of have right now... my bedroom only has a mattress and a couple dressers and then clothes either in boxes or on the floor everywhere... the second bedroom (scraproom/office/massage room) is also a mess with papers and books on the floor. So those pictures will be coming later.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures... especially you Aaron... I will have more pictures as more things come together.
I do want you to know that I absolutely am in love with my apartment... it is so perfect and fun. I love coming home and being by myself and watching movies till late without waking anyone up. Everything is mine... all mine... when I put something down, no one moves it. When I buy food, no one eats it but me... it is so fun! I am so peaceful there.

I will probably post stuff that I need (I have a list)... and Nancy I need to come over to look at your stuff, I especially want that hanging light you said you had for me.

But now I have internet... so expect more frequent postings... yay


Kevun said...

rocen pad!!!

kristen said...

I so glad you are back with us on internet land. Congrats on the apartment. Love the pics especially the huge truck with only 4 things in it hopefully there was more before the pic was taken! have a great easter!

Aaron said...

do you mean to imply that i was one of the people who only come to look at pictures? because if so, i'm hurt, regardless of how true it may or may not be...

NanAZ said...

You are so welcome to anything that we have and when you post your list I'll see what else we can contribute. Ever since we invited ourselves to drop by your house, I've been thinking about the things you said you needed. I'll keep an eye out for them too.

Welcome home!!!

Let me know when you want to come and look at our other stuff. Maybe if we scrap at our house in May you can look then, if you haven't been over before that.