Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Real Life

I found out last night that my friend Jason from work has been diagnosed with Cancer... he went into the hospital complaining of stomache pains and upon doing x-rays they discovered he has a mass near his colon and one near his lungs and another near his kidney... the one near his colon is what is causing his pain so they took a sample of it a ran tests and discovered it is cancer. The good news is he does not have cancer in either his blood or his bones, so we are so thankful for that news.

I am so thankful that God protected him from something far worse... I know God already knows the outcome and I am hopeful that everything will work out well. God is a good God and a soveriegn God... this is all apart of His plan... I pray that Jason would be comforted and his family would feel God's peace.

Be praying for my friend Jason.

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linda t said...

I am so sorry... he'll be in my prayers...