Friday, April 27, 2007

Nickel Creek Rocks!!!

Still completely on cloud nine from tonights show... I was smiling ear to ear the whole set!!! Chris looked so handsome and played extraordinairily!! Sarah was feeling a bit under the weather, but despite that a fury on the fiddle! and Sean carried them on guitar like no other... even their touring uprigt bass player blew the crowd away with some soft shoe at the end... priceless joys.

Jeannette and I sat in awe of the amazingness that is Nickel Creek!!! Tift Merritt, who opened for them, starting the night off with some haunting folk ballads... she has a great voice! Then Nickel Creek graced the stage and immediantly when into a new song not recorded and then into "The Fox" - a favorite... I even bought one of their souvenir shirts in homage to that song Then they exploded into the rest of their set... I kept getting caught off guard at the fact that this would more than likely be my last time seeing them live and how much I will miss them.

My favorite show of the night was a new song by Chris called "if you leave me" it basically is a request to all those people who break up with you before you are ready for the relationship to be done... it is light and poppy in style... one of the lines is "who will I take to the grammy's, who will I make out with when I win... if you want to leave me... at least hook me up with one of your friends"... I laughed so hard the whole song... and thought how I would love to be his date to the grammy's if he needed one.

So after the show I promptly made my way up to the stage and got one of the 4 set lists taped to the stage and then Jeannette and I headed to the bus to get a chance to take a picture or two with Chris... To our great luck we got our chance... we even chatted him up about the tour and how he and his new band need to make it out to Arizona on their tour... a very witty exchange I might add... between Jeannette and myself, we made him laugh!! (score!!) Then he signed my set-list and took a picture with me (see above)... it was awesome.

I will miss my Nickel Creek... favorite band is breaking up... but they were wonderful while they lasted! Here is to you Nickel Creek for producing some of the best instrumentation!! and To you Chris for helping me fall in love with the Mandolin.


linda t said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I am screaming for joy for YOU!!
How fun and exciting!!!
You two look quite dashing!
The perfect engagement pic!

Aaron said...

You little groupie, you. Well done, however; I am quite proud of your groupie savvy. Does that now make two pics w/ you and the young man?

kristen said...

I have to agree with your mom...a very cute couple!!