Monday, April 16, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

I kind of have a touch of a cold going on right now, so yesterday I went straight home after church and nested it would seem... I started unpacking a little more, which has been much needed! I also took some pictures of some vignettes around my place.

my bookcase... I put all my favorite books on one shelf

kitchen counter... thanks michelle for the wine... the basket is for my mail

A touch of paris (the bouquets are mine from Jeannette's and Jessica's weddings; the moulin rouge poster is from Amy's collection)

The entertainment... my iPod radio (70's style) and my movie collection

my dad came over and dropped off my bed frame, so now I have a bed and some storage room underneath it...

Now for the list of what I need for my apartment still:

1. couch
2. plastic office chair roller
3. blender
4. shelf for bathroom (either can hang above toilet or stand around the toilet)
5. 3 or 4 more lamps
6. wall mirror (black frame preferrable)
7. broom and dust pan
8. A couple or side tables for the living room
9. Pampered chef stuff... went to a party this weekend and started a wish list - I'm having a party sometime soon
10. baskets (ones that can sit on a book shelf)
11. picture frames

That's it for now... I think of stuff all the time.


linda t said...

Miranda dear, I have a billion frames that are at your disposal... just come on over!
Oh and I saw at Target that a bloom and dust pan are on sale for $10.00!
Your pics are so great! Love your new home!

linda t said...

What! A "bloom and dust pan" ???
You know what I meant!

Kevun said...

I have 3 of your needed items. But alas, you think Omaha is, "One step short of living in a toilet." And don't you even deny you said that!

Nicole T said...

I love that your apartment is so homey! You have such a wonderful decorating touch!

NanAZ said...

Hey girl, you're making great progress! I can even see the floor in the bedroom and the vignettes are awesome. Invite me to your Pampered Chef party or at least give me a catalog. I know there are a couple of things we've been thinking of getting.

Is # 2 the plastic chair pad for the floor? Costco has those pretty cheap. I'll look around for some of the other things. Did you get a wine opener?

NanAZ said...

Oh are you looking for a full length mirror or something smaller?

Aaron said...

Upon my return, I will demand a tour of the premises. If pictures are any indication, you have done well, my friend.