Saturday, April 14, 2007

Internet At Last

I have internet... and for all my troubles they expanded my basic cable TV so a have a few more channels at my channel surfing disposal... shhh I'm not supposed to know! they switched my modem and flipped on my internet and I have spent the morning buying foundation online (I hate when product lines stop selling certain products in stores) and updating my netflix queue! Now I am enjoying the fine buzz of working internet!

Last night was incredible! I went down to Florence Arizona with my friend Stephanie to partake in the wonderment that is Country Thunder... just me steph and a couple thousand cowboys... and prisoners (I mean come on, it's Florence). Cowboy hat, comfy jeans, camera, and Reba!!! priceless. Left work at around 6:15pm and headed on down to RA for some Sushi for dinner (we delayed our departure with dinner in order to miss the rush hour traffic heading south on the I-10. I introduced Steph to the delicious delight - edamame... she loved it! Then we drove down almost an hour and a half to the acres and acres of drunk sunburnt people... we caught the tail end of Randy Owen's set (former lead singer of Alabama... he played the hits and some of his new stuff which I had never heard, therefore didn't care about)... then a half hour passed due (11pm) Reba graced the stage! WHAT A SHOW! She was awesome! She sang her hits and her new stuff and closed the show with my favorite - Fancy!! It was so awesome! Besides the show being spectacular the huge amount of intoxicated idiots were also entertaining... a couple of them stumble and squeezed through the crowd till they got right in front of us and then just stopped right in front of me so I couldn't see a thing... So we ushered them to keep moving... politely of course... stupid people. Two guys in front of us actually didn't bother heading off to the restroom area during the show... they just took care of it where they stood - disturbing. And by 11pm everyone is all over anyone they can find so that was interesting... it was truely soddom and gomorrah... and then us. I got home at 2:30 this morning! I had such a fun time. Stephanie and I laughed ourselves hoarse... which I haven't laughed that hard in several months... it was so cool. Stephanie also didn't care that I danced and sang and made a general fool of myself, because she was right there with me doing the same thing... glorious.

Now for today's activities... I am heading out to grab some lunch with a friend of Jeannette's... we are meeting at Wildflower Bread Company... then I have a Pampered Chef party this afternoon and then I am spending time with my friend Chris whom I haven't spent time with in a whole lot of months. Full day, but fun times!


linda t said...

Love, love REBA!
You tooo cute Miranda!

Anonymous said...

Last night was fun times! we should do that more often!

NanAZ said...

Sounds like you had some fun girl! Isn't it sad how every large group activity includes so many drunks? It's pretty pathetic. We went to the Scottsdale Great Arizona Picnic (part of the culinary arts festival) Saturday night and it was the same way. Sad, sad that people feel they need to be that numb in order to have fun.