Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Concerts and cable TV

The cable man is coming again today to fix my modem and I will be getting some free cable with my internet hook-up... the first like 20 channels are free if you have preferred cable internet... which I have.

Also on the docket is to go grocerie shopping... I need cleaning supplies and sun screen. I also will be going to bookmans to check out which DVDs they have used... I realized when I moved out that the only movies I have are chick flicks... my dad got to keep all the good movies (ie. Superman, Xmen, The Count of Monte Cristo, etc)... so I need them in my apartment because I can't keep watching Little Women.

Tyler got his senior pictures taken and they are absolutely spectacular!!! He looks like a model!!!

I am going to see Reba McEntire this friday at Country Thunder... I have never been to Country Thunder before, nor have I seen Reba, but my friend Stephanie wanted to go, so I decided to go with her!!! I am so excited! I am going to wear my cowboy hat and look awesome Country-tastic. Also coming up this month is Nickel Creek!!! They are playing in Mesa on April 26th... I am totally going!! They announced on their website that after this tour they will be taking an indefinite break to pursue solo ventures (which means they are breaking up)... so I have one last chance to see them in concert and this is also my chance to see Chris Thile again... so handsome! I am excited about my month of concerts!


Aaron said...

breaking up? oh, the humanity...

linda t said...

So when are you going to break it to Chris, that you two are going to marry? He needs to know... so the wedding somehow fits into his new solo career. I mean it's only right... as his fiance and all.