Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tomorrow Night!!!

So overly excited about seeing Nickel Creek tomorrow night... It will a great show!!! I just can't believe that they will be breaking up after this tour! If I am lucky I will be getting to talk to Chris Thile this time as well.

Didn't feel too well today - persistant headache and occasional nausea... but I am feeling better now and about to go sleep very deeply.

Next week I have a massage gig at Southwestern University giving chair massages during their finals week... I did it last semester too and reallly enjoyed it... The funniest thing is hearing them study for some of their finale... stuff said like, "Why didn't Job want to go to Ninevah", "memorize Psalm 91", "Name the old testiment prophets in alphabetical order"... oh christian university! Awesome stuff. I am sure anyone at a massage school during finals week would have an ear full of funny things, "now if a stroke is moving longitudinally distal to proximal on the achilles tendon, what is the action at the ankle joint going to be?"... anyone. But the chair massage will be fun... especially since I am hanging out with my friend Leah as well.

My last few posts have been painfully boring... I know. I just don't seem to be in the groove of posting right now... anyone have anything particular they would like me to post about, please let me know... nothing too excited at the moment in the life of Miranda

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