Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bachelorette Party!!!

SOOO sorry for the lack of blog posting... I am going to try to catch up here in the next couple of weeks and then hopefully I'll continue posting.

My sister-in-law after a long hiatus has starting blogging again and she has lit a fire under me to get my blog up to speed. The next several posts will be wedding catch up. If you are adequately sick on my wedding, then I apologize... who am I kidding, I don't apologize, my wedding was awesome and I can't wait to share with you the behind the scenes details and stories that magical day.

This post is going ALL THE WAY BACK before the wedding to my bachelorette party! I admitted in a previous post for my bridal showers that I didn't give much thought to the parties leading up to the wedding, but I will tell you, I had dreams about my bachelorette party. However, my bridesmaid Jeannette put it out there right from the beginning that she didn't want me to be in on any of the planning and that it would be a complete surprise!! I actually LOVED the idea, because I trusted my girls COMPLETELY to give me the party of my dreams... and it was!!!!

My roommate and bridesmaid, Elisabeth, packed my bag for me so as to give nothing away. We then hopped in the car and began a long drive to the other side of the city. I had no idea where we were headed and after ruling out Disneyland and a trip to Cardinals stadium, I gave up guessing and enjoyed the ride. We eventually pulled into a parking lot and walked into an establishment called PINK... turns out my bridesmaids had scheduled a dance class for us!!! We learned to pole dance!!! This was actually something I had mentioned to Jeannette probably a year before that I would love to do for my bachelorette party and she remembered!!! We had the most amazing time laughing, being silly, and trying our darndest to be at least a little bit sexy. haha! I am not at liberty to share a good portion of the pictures, but here is the group shot from after the class!

Note: You can see I have my hair done in the shot. I had my bridal hair trial that afternoon and this was the ultimate test as to whether the style would hold up for the wedding day - little did I know it would hold up through a pole dance routine!

After the class, we headed to a hotel at the Biltmore Fashion Park and changed to go to dinner at Zin burger. The rest of the party joined us for dinner! I cannot tell you the joy in my heart to have a loud, fun, laughter filled table of my best friends all together!

After dinner it was back to the hotel for gifts and girl talk. Most of the girls at my party are apart of my "girl group." We started getting together 9 years ago at first as a bible study, then as a book club, and then as a close knit group of friends. In the last 9 years we have celebrated each others college graduations, engagements, danced at each others wedding, sat in the waiting room for the births of babies, both rejoiced and grieved over life, and grown up together month after month sitting on each others' couches. But one of my favorite things that we do is love and lead each other in new exciting life seasons. At bachelorette parties especially we make a point to sit and talk and pray for whoever it is getting married and answer question about wedding days, marriage, love, sex and anything else you can think of. I think this time at my bachelorette party was my most favorite! My friends made me feel safe and supported and laughed with me and encouraged me! I don't mind saying that I have something pretty rare and precious with this group of women :)

It was such an awesome time! We stayed up way past midnight and just had a blast!

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