Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Glance...

This was the moment... the moment I had waited and dreamed of! For a long time I wanted to hold off on seeing my husband until I officially walked down the aisle next to my dad and surrounded by our family and friends... I liked the tradition of it. But then I started thinking... this entire day was about Aaron and I! It was all for him... I had picked my dress, done my hair and make up, planned this entire day for him! So why would I wait most of the day to see him?? I wanted to just be with my best friend as much as I could, so it was an easy decision to make. I had seen brides who waited to see their husbands until they walked down the aisle and they were the more stressed and worried brides... there is just something about seeing your love that gives you a calm, a relaxation. Having your best friend with you make everything better... so the sooner I saw Aaron the better!

I still liked the thoughts of walking down the aisle to him, so Sandy had all the decorators and set up people move away from the backyard so it was just Aaron and I (and Kelsie and Sarah our photographers).

Before I show you Aaron and mine's first look - here is what the boys had been up to - As I said in the previous post, the boys were getting ready in the basement. This was a dream come true for Aaron and his guys - a fully finished basement with a big screen TV (to watch a bit of the Georgia football game), comfy couches... and a pool table!

Andy, Aaron and Jeremy

Look at that hansom man!

So after the last hair pin was placed, my shoes were laced up, my dress was zipped up and buttoned, I was ready to see him...

I cannot tell you the emotions I felt in seeing him at the end of the aisle
Love this picture of Aaron just moments before he saw me
 As I walked across the backyard and down the aisle to him, his back was turned until I got half way down the aisle and Kelsie told him he could turn around
All is right with the world
Kelsie had told us we could take as much time as we needed to talk and just look at each other... I think we took about 20 minutes... 20 of the sweetest minutes of my like...

Showing him my dress.
For months I had been dropping hints of what it looked like - things like "picture a sunset - like orange and pink" or "think puffy sleeves". When Aaron finally saw my dress he said that it was pretty much exactly how he pictured me all along :)

We sat in the front row laughing and talking and catching each other up on the day and just reveling in the moment and what this day was. Finally we turned to Kelsie and Sarah as if we had forgotten they were even there and were ready to start taking the real pictures.

The shoes - recognize the Sseko shoes?

the rings
And now is when I gush about my photographer!!! Most of you reading this probably know Kelsie (I do not have a wide following - ha!) but if you don't know Kelsie, she is beyond phenomenal!!! So talented! So sweet! She makes you feel so comfortable and effortless! She has great photo ideas and catches the most amazing moments! I could not be happier with my photos and get emotional every time I look at them! They are priceless and perfect!

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