Saturday, January 19, 2013


I don't think Aaron and I would have survived , let alone pulled off all the details of this wedding, if it were not for our amazing family!!

Aaron's mom, Laurie, was the master of organizing help and calling people to see if they can do some wedding crafts/projects. She and Aaron's dad, Pat, built and designed our gorgeous Chuppah to get married under. She was there to run errands and pick up coffee, utencils, water bottles, etc. She was so available and willing to do whatever we needed

My mother was the heart and soul of this wedding! Every random item I asked to see if she had, she had 5. For example -
Me: mom do you have galvanized tubs for us to put drinks in?
Mom: I have 5
Me: what about wooden pieces to paint "Mr" & "Mrs" on and hang on the back of our chairs
Mom: yes, and I even have antique chairs for you to sit in special
Me: What should we put our cards in on the guest table
Mom: I have an antique mailbox that is ready to be painted...
You couldn't help but walk into the wedding venue without seeing my mom's hand in EVERYTHING! She was a champ and I know she constantly feels like she could do more to make my wedding beautiful... but at the end of the day, her greatest contribution to this wedding was... me! I would not be the woman I am today without my mom :)

As for the dads... they were the hard laborers. Hauling tables, hammering, sanding, sawing, upholstering, hanging lights around the venue, and making sure their wives didn't go crazy :)

My dad also contributed to making sure I was beautiful for my wedding day. He told my mom when I got engaged that he wanted to buy my dress and get me jewelry to wear for my big day. My mom and him got my pearl necklace that I got in Mykonos, Greece 4 years ago, restrung and then let me borrow some pearl earrings to match. What a sweet man to want to make sure I had pretty things for my wedding day.

My brother Shawn made ALL of the wedding stationary! I will do an entire post just about the invitations, monogram design, wedding programs and thank you cards... but know that every last detail was Shawn's design genius! We emailed back and forth countless times and he patiently bore my requests for miniscule changes and random questions about font designs. He was also there to just talk! I loved when he would pop up on Facebook and ask how wedding planning was going and if we needed anything. I also know he was there for Aaron for anything he needed to talk about. I love that they have a friendship all their own that spans much longer than mine and Aaron's relationship. He has been for Aaron and I from the beginning.

My sister Nicole was, as always, my rock. She is one of the most amazingly capable women I know. While juggling 4 kids and a full time job and all the other commitments in her life, she was still listened to wedding details, planned bridal showers and bachelorette parties, gave advise about marriage, wedding plans, food, etc! I will never forget when I first tried on my wedding dress alone in a bridal shop, I text her the pictures. She was with my mom at the time across town and when I called my mom to hear her reaction, all I could hear was Nicole in the background yelling - I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

Aaron's sister Ashley was fantastic!! She lived with Aaron leading up to our wedding and I don't think Aaron could have managed the stress without knowing she was around to hang out with when he got home. She helped with bridal shower invitations, planning, she took my unique bridesmaid idea and ran with it! She had the most amazing shoes and dress for the wedding! She and her awesome boyfriend, Jess provided hang out time, support and protection throughout all the drama that comes with a forthcoming wedding.

My brother Tyler! He was there for every random Target run I made. Okay, he works at Target, so I guess he had to be there, but every time I showed up, he would walk me around the store and keep me company as I grabbed random necessities. He was there for all the groomsmen activites loving and encouraging my husband and being excited for us! He loved getting to be apart of this wedding and be help with whatever we needed. He was there at the bachelor party bringing the most guns for target shooting and providing the boys with so much woodsy entertainment. He was there the day before the wedding climbing the tallest ladders, carrying the most chairs.He was the best little brother!

Overall we were so incredibily blessed to have been given the family we have - and not just for wedding planning, but for life!

Probably one of my favorite pictures of my whole life! (Shawn, me, & Tyler)

Love these men so much!

Aaron and Ashley
The whole Mertz family with Jess - Jess was an usher in our wedding

Thompson family without the kiddos

The whole gang... this is about the time Elsie started to have enough of photos again

After the ceremony Aaron and I scrounged up the rest of our extended family for some big group shots
The Larson side of the family was represented by Aunt Kathy and my cousin Kristen. LOVED having them there!

The Thompson family minus a few members!
The Epstein side of the family with Grandma Audrey

The Mertz clan! such a big family! So excited that so many of them could come

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