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I was entirely  present at the ceremony and was taking in every minute. Even a week later, I could remember John sharing our story and what our dad's shared. But now, nearly 2.5 months later, I have forgotten. Luckily we got it on video and will get to watch it over and over in future years :)

Most people warned me that I wouldn't remember a thing, and that thought made me sad. The ceremony was what I was so excited about! So I was determined to soak in every moment, and even though it is fuzzy now, I am glad I can remember what I can and I cherish it deeply.

After all the pictures were taken, Aaron and I separated into our respective areas of the house to relax, decompress and get ready for the ceremony. I was glad for this time to refresh. I probably looked like a zombie! I literally sat in the corner of the room in a rocking chair and stared off into no where... don't even ask me what I was thinking about. I remember being nervous and anxious to get through the ceremony and on to the party afterward! I was nervous about music and sound. I was SO excited for the words John would share and our dad's would share... but I mainly just needed to switch my brain off and be quiet. My girls waited on me hand and foot... Jeannette held my dress when I had to go to the bathroom... people brought me food to snack on... Elisabeth fed me white cheddar pop corn bits directly into my mouth. However, the most remarkable moment was when I asked Carla to sing for me.

If you have ever heard Carla sing, it is one of the most powerful, soulful, worshipful voices I have ever heard. She was so sweet to honor my request for a song before I walked down the aisle. I sat listening to her sing the word "our God is mighty to save..." and I sighed with the relief of the knowledge that I was deeply loved. You could hear a pin drop in the room because no one had ever heard Carla sing, save my mom.

While Carla was serenading the girls, John was down with the guys in the basement praying

Aaron said there wasn't a dry eye in the room while they prayed. What a group of strong, sweet, Godly men.

Then John came up to pray with us... and the tears kept coming

I want to take this time to talk a little about my friend John Lynch... I am such a lucky girl to count him has someone in my life. Someone who is readily available to me, someone I know I can count on to always be for me. He has been my pastor for my entire life and my dad's best friend. For probably the last 10 years, since I have been of a marrying age, John has asked if he could somehow be apart of my wedding someday. I would laugh and assure him that he was going to be performing my ceremony! I wouldn't imagine having anyone else. Aaron too has counted John a dear friend for most of his life as well, so it wasn't much of a conversation at all when the subject of who would perform our ceremony came up. It was John.
My FAVORITE thing about a John Lynch wedding is how he takes the bride and grooms life story and masterfully weaves it together to show what an amazing love story God has written for them! It was the one moment of the entire wedding that I looked forward to the most... I admit, even above being pronounced Aaron's wife. I was so excited to know people got to hear our story - an awesome story! A story full of hope and waiting and trusting in God's timing. It is a story that proves God is FAITHFUL! He is always working for our good and His glory and it is something amazing to behold when it all culminates in a day like this. This was the moment my friends and family would be reminded or told for the first time that there is a BIG GOD out there and a precious SAVIOR who desperately loves us!

And so with that the focus of the day... with John at the helm to beautifully convey to everyone there, I was more than ready to walk down the aisle to the love of my life.
Of course I had to show you one of the greatest moments in Wedding history... Jack was awesome!

Me and my dad... I could hardly keep it together at this point... my dad has already lost it
And there he is... my love.

I'll have to post our story on here someday as John read it. There was so much laughter and memories. John asked us to pear down the childhood part, because the 16 years of our love story was going to take up enough time. I stood there across from Aaron and just kept thinking, This is it! I can't believe I'm here! I can't believe its him! 

As part of our ceremony Aaron and I asked our dad's to get up and share something. They were perfect! My dad shared about how my entire life he had been the one to help me make big decisions, to calm my fears, to answer my questions. I would spend hours with him discussing God and life and fears and pain and hopes. But from this day onward, he would no longer be that person for me... Aaron would. Of course my dad would always be there for us, he would always be the first man in my life, but now Aaron was the most important man in my life.
Pat shared such sweet things to. He affirmed Aaron in what an amazing man he was, and affirmed me of how wonderful it was to have me in his family. And then he spoke to my parents. He spoke about the joining of families and thanked them for raising me and loving Aaron. He assured them I was going to be loved and protected by him and Laurie as well. Then the four of them stood up and hugged each other. What a great moment!

After that was time for the rings...


We exchanged traditional vows and were pronounced husband and wife and then we decided to take communion as our first act as husband and wife. My cousin Lyle and his beautiful wife Anya sang the hymn "Before the Throne" while Aaron and I took communion.

I was in their wedding nearly 2 years before and it was my honor to have them as part of mine and Aaron's wedding day

If you notice behind and above us in the ceremony was our gorgeous Chuppah! Laurie's family is Jewish and so we were so excited to honor that in our wedding with a Chuppah above us and Aaron smashing the glass after the ceremony. The glass signifies that although the glass can be broken, our marriage never will.

Presenting Mr & Mrs Mertz!!!!

And this was the moment we became husband and wife!

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