Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prayer Shower...

The Sunday before my wedding was the last of my bridal showers before the big day. My mom had asked right after I got engaged if she could throw me a prayer shower. It would be entirely focused on encouragement and prayer for me and my marriage and Aaron and the wedding prep. When we started throwing around dates, we were planning on having it much earlier, but then we got the dates for when my friend Carla was getting into town for the wedding and decided to plan it so she could come. It ended up coming at a PERFECT time. I was so excited to start the week of my wedding covered in prayer by women who have known me and loved me for most of my life.
What a sweet time! I can't remember all the words that each woman shared about me and for me, so I am thankful they wrote it down. A lot of the women were older and had known me since I was very small. My mom created the most wonderful environment for me to be affirmed and loved so beautifully!

The table set up

This picture is a little blury, but it is a sweet picture of my mom and I
Aaron's mom Laurie gave me a "prayer request box"
My mom wanted the party to focus more on the affirmation and prayer time than any gift opening, so while some people gave me some awesome gifts here and there, most people put in money to get me a Kitchen Aid!! I registered for the pistachio color and it is so pretty sitting in my kitchen now!

Opening my KitchenAid
The rest of the evening was spent praying! I was so honored and touched by each of these women's influence in my life and to have them surrounding me with prayer and encouragement was so priceless! I loved that I started my wedding week this way.

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