Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner...

I remember a picture in the bathroom of the summer camp I went to every year up near Payson, Arizona. It was one of my favorite pictures. It was actually a two picture series and the first picture was a wedding party in their casual everyday wear, standing distracted in the church at the rehearsal. The second picture is of the actual ceremony, everyone standing to attention and dressed to the nines and the seats of the church filled with wedding guests. I loved the idea of the difference between rehearsal dinner and the actual day of - the chaos of the planning and making sure everyone knows their place and where to walk and where to stand.

Every step along this journey made the wedding more and more real, but then when everyone is together and finally in the same place, it is a little overwhelming that it is actually happening!!
The night before the BIG DAY our wedding party, our family, and some friends all gathered to plan and rehearse and celebrate.

The day actually began earlier in the afternoon when everyone showed up to start setting up. We were like a well oiled machine with everyone pitching in to set up chairs, hang lights, arrange tables and get everything ready for all the detailed decorating the next day. Everyone was so beyond helpful and I probably seemed a little frazzled running around the yard answering a million questions and trying to make sure things were going where they needed to go, but honestly it was just nervous energy and everyone was doing a superb job!! It was flawless!

Aaron and I had the wonderful privilege of entrusting the coordinating of our wedding day to the amazing Sandy Mowen. She was spectacular! She has been friend of my parents for over 30 years and has planned countless weddings over the decades. She was just amazing! Everything went so smoothly with her at the helm!

It was so fun to have everyone together in the same place finally meeting each other!

Introducing our wedding party

Waiting to walk down the aisle with my bridesmaids and dad

My beautiful girls - (from left to right) Ashley, Jeannette, Elisabeth, Nicole, and Kendra

The fellas - (From left to right) - John (pastor), Aaron, Andy, Shawn, Jeremy, Bruce, and Tyler

My dad and I

I love this picture of Elisabeth, Aaron and I - pretty much sums us up

Elsie & Emolyn - pretty much sums them up 
Sister love :)
Aaron's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner - Mac n' Cheese bar. A very clever meal idea if you ask me! You put some Mac n' Cheese in a martini glass and then load up with all sorts of toppings - from chicken to mushrooms and onions. We ate and laughed and the anticipation for the next day was hanging in the air. We honored our wedding party with gifts and words of love and thanks.
At the end of the night Aaron walked me to my car and we said goodnight for the last night next to my car. It was the last night I would have to drive home to a different home than him. It was so hard saying goodbye to Aaron that night, but so wonderful to know that the next time I saw him would be as I walked toward him down the aisle...

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