Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Ready

How do I even begin to retell my wedding day? Does anyone have any ideas?

I will start my saying that I woke up the morning of my wedding, not as a blissful, peaceful, worry free bride... because I didn't. Instead I woke up to a panic attack. I literally laid in my bed nearly hyperventilating over all the thoughts running through my head -
Do we have enough linens?
What if the music and sound doesn't work?
What if people are late?
What if something unforeseen goes wrong?

After allow each thought to come into focus in my head and quickly be replaced by the next crazy thought, I started to pray... really really hard. I tried to trust God that everything would be wonderful! I did this for probably 20 minutes until I was ready to sit up. I then grabbed my bible and started reading through it. I don't even remember what I read, but with each word, the stress melted away. This is how my mom found me, sitting on the guest bed, reading my bible. I guess I could boast that I started my morning as a Godly woman reading God's word, but since I just admitted I allowed myself an hour of a panic attack before the thought of prayer even entered my mind, I don't have a ton to boast about. ha!

I had stayed at my parents house for the night and it was nice having it just be me and my parents and younger brother. My parents left early to take a load of decorations over to the venue and start helping people set up. My younger brother Tyler left soon after them for the groomsmen breakfast at The Windsor. So I had the house to myself to sit and collect myself and then drive out to my friend Tara's house where we were all getting ready. I continued my quest for peace with listening to worship music on the way there and it hit me along the freeway that THIS WAS MY WEDDING DAY!!! I just kept saying to God How did I get here? How did I get so lucky to be marrying a man like Aaron? Why do You love me that much? It was pretty overwhelming. From that moment on, I stopped being worried and just kept reminding myself that this day was not about Aaron and I, it was about Something and Someone way bigger!

I got to Tara's house and was met with all of my friends already settling into getting their hair and make up done. Jessica and Meredith made awesome food and breakfast treats for us to snack on, and although I wasn't the least bit hungry, I was a diligent bride and ate all the same... no one wants to watch a bride faint at the end of the aisle.

My hairstylist was the impeccable Bethany Sitton! I starting going to her for my hair a year ago and she has consistently given me the best hair cuts ever! She is also one of  the sweetest and most upbeat people I have ever known! I was so excited to have her there to start my wedding day just to be excited with me! She also did my mom's hair... so the two most important ladies of the day were looking super gorgeous!

Note: this was my mom and mines first time wearing fake eyelashes, and I think I'm addicted!

Isn't Bethany the cutest! My hair and make up were PERFECT!
My mom getting her eyelashes on! She was so beautiful

My little nieces were there too with all the big girls being girly and getting their hair done. I love having Emolyn and Elsie to do girly things with. Elsie was fascinated by Ashley's make up kit and Emolyn loved getting her hair done too! Katie Hook was the other hair stylist with us that morning. She is also the sweetest thing ever. I know her from church and she offered to help with hair for no cost just because she loves doing wedding hair that much! All my bridesmaids looked INCREDIBLE!

Emolyn getting her hair done like a big girl!
My sis Nicole and Katie
Carla and Jeannette hanging out in the bathroom... this is the moment they met and became best friends!
Ashley showing Elsie the magic of make up
My mom putting on my veil

After hair and make up were complete, it was over to the venue to settle in and get my dress on!!

Can you tell I'm excited?

Kendra did all the flower ordering and arranging herself! They were beautiful!
a bite to eat before getting dressed
Aaron and I decided to write each other love letter for the morning of our wedding day. If I had to wait to see him for half the day, I at least wanted to read his words. The boys were just one floor below us getting ready, and yet he felt miles away and the anticipation of seeing him was killing me... but then I got his letter and my heart was overjoyed.

I asked my girls group to be there with me along with my bridesmaids and the moms. I had this deep desire to have all my best girls surrounding me in my last moments before seeing Aaron for the first time.

My dad also got to take a peek at me before I went to see Aaron. The look on his face when he saw me is printed in my brain. I love my dad :)

I was now ready to go see my man!

... wait... one last thing needed...

This picture is a sort of tradition with my friends... its not all glamour on your wedding day... sometimes a girl needs deodorant.

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