Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This was the day I had been waiting for... living in a castle is great, meeting new people is a blast, but Central London has been calling to me from my infancy it seems. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I belong in England. I wrote as the first line of my application letter to this program, "America is my country, but England is my heart." and I mean it!!! I have longed to see London and all it's glory. Sunday was the big day!!
I have known Greg Johnson and his family for as long as I can remember. They are the nicest people you'll ever meet and I just think his daughters are so adorable and sweet. Greg is working in London for a couple months on a city project and when he found out I was going to be living on this little island, he immediately offered to welcome me and show me around the city. What a blessing!! I could not have asked for a better tour guide. He knows so much about so much and so not only did he know where everything was (no maps needed) he also knew so much history and story about each famous landmark. If you've ever met me, you know I love a good story and so I just kept thanking God that I had Greg to show me around. I LOVED every moment of it!!! I told Greg that I wanted to see the most touristy stuff in Central London, to get it out of the way and then this coming weekend I'm going back to see more... I was so surprised that everything is rather close in London (at least the big stuff). We walked by Big Ben and Parliment, Westminster Abbey is right behind it, then along hyde park to Buckingham Palace, then all of a sudden we were in Kensington Gardens!! We WALKED everywhere. As a result I seriously strained a tendon in my foot and have been limping around Royal Holloway ever since, but I really couldn't care less! I loved strolling through London and stopped every couple of minutes in shock that I was actually there. I kept saying to Greg, "I can't believe I'm finally here!!" It was perfect!! So without further adieu, the pictures!

My first view of London
Big Ben and Parliment
Bag piper on the Westminster Bridge
Westminster Abbey
The door of westminster Abbey (we didn't go in because I wanted to see as many sites as possible in one day. I'll go back though.
Buckingham palace (and random Asian guy in the picture)

The serpentine was frozen.
Prince Albert memorial... yes another one. Queen Victoria loved her man.
PETER PAN!!! I almost cried looking at this! I love you Peter
Greg & me on the tube
That is a real person in all silver pretending to be a statue
typical London street
red phone booth!! beware of the dirty pictures inside.
Thriller is a musical and I need to see it.
picadilly circus
fountain in picadilly circus.
I bought a FA England Football jersey at lilywhites in PIcadilly Circus. It was on sale for £3.95!!

I did get more pictures of trafalgar square and such, but they were all after dark. I'll get daylight ones another time.



Skerrib said...

Rock ON. Fantastic pics! I agree--well worth the limp. Maybe the electrician can come massage it for you??

Arizona Sports Fanatic said...

What color is your English football jersey?

Amy T Schubert said...

Just a warning ... I'm working on a tentative itinerary for when I'm there at it involves a bunch of touristy things ... so don't get burnt out on them before April.

Nicole T said...

I am loving Westminster Abbey with snow! What great pics you got!