Friday, January 23, 2009

LIVING in London... (laundry video)

So after a couple weeks of whirl-wind adventures in the city of London, tours of Windsor, Hampton Court, and generally taking in the history and sights, I am now finding myself settling into life here. Now don't get me wrong, I still can't believe I am actually here, but I have realized that I need to start LIVING here. So I have devoted the last couple of days to just living... and homework.

Homework is good, I am almost ready for the 5 minutes presentation I have to do in seminar on tuesday about the novel North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell... SO good. I saw the miniseries over a year ago and just ADORED it, but reading the book has made me appreciate it even more. I have to do a presentation about a passage of the text and how it relates to one of the major themes. I have decided to tackle the "Gaskell Heroine" and discuss how the main character Margaret is different than most 19th century heroines. She is intelligent about public issues, not just personal social issues, and she takes part in more political matters. She is really a fascinating character. Anyways, I have thoroughly bored you, I'm sure... but that is what school has been like for me... that and reading a lot of history books.

Last night I went to a small group that is part of a Christian Union on campus here. I found that after only 2 weeks here, I was in desperate need of fellowship with believers and started looking into different groups through the school. I found a group called "regenerate" that is tied in with Royal Holloway and also links students with different churches in the area. I emailed a girl named Charley and she immediately responded back inviting me to her small group, which was last night. I had so much fun! We just basically ate pizza, sat around and talked, and then watched 4 episodes of Friends :) I got back to my room with the biggest smile on my face, just feeling so excited and blessed. The girls at the group all go to an Anglican church called St John's in Egham and they invited me to attend their church this sunday, which I am going to. They also discussed going through a book together this semestre and they all agreed on the book The Shack!!! I haven't read it yet but of course everyone at Open Door is talking about this book. The next book from leadership catalyst is also going to be closely linked to The Shack and marketed as the sequel!! So cool. That was a huge affirmation from God that this was the group for me :) I am just so happy.

But other than that I have been just kind of taking it easy. I went grocery shopping, did laundry, and all day today I barely got out of my PJs and I basically watched a movie, read, and worked on a video project. It was lovely. I have been enraptured in trying to meet new people and make good impressions and take advantage of my surroundings, that I started feeling guilty whenever I would just sit around... but it finally hit me that I will be here for 6 months and if I continue at the pace I am at, I will get burned out on London rather quickly. I need to take my time. I also was reminded about how much I LOVE just sitting around lazily. I use to devote entire Saturdays to never getting out of my PJs and just cleaning, reading, watching movies, listening to music, etc. I LOVE those days. So I decided today would be such a day. I still felt guilty that I was not outside and not trying to conjure up some adventure to be on in this foreign land, but I again reminded myself that I need space and days such as these... it was lovely!!

Tomorrow is a day trip to Oxford, so I'll be stocked with pictures by tomorrow night... or sunday, depending on what kind of time I have.

Here is Phoebe and I doing Laundry the other day. I took some pics, which quickly escalated into video... which eventually became this... it took me an hour on iMovie to perfect it this afternoon. Turn your sound up! Enjoy!!


Amy T Schubert said...


Stacey Lynch said...

OMG...Brilliant, Really!!!!

kristen said...

I had know idea you could move like that...very impressive!

Nicole T said...

I think you must have gotten those moves from dance party usa!

teresa said...

I'm pretty sure you've topped the Disneyland Dance!!! That is hilarious! The entire time we were watching you Addy kept saying, "call Miranda on the computer, call Miranda on the computer!" thanks for the video!

NanAZ said...

If you finish The Shack you should suggest TrueFaced. They're messages that are interlinked from what I hear.

Cute video. Terry didn't really get it. He thought there would be something special at the end. Funny.

AmyKristen said...

MIRANDA! That's AWESOME! :) I love it! Were you the only 2 in the laundry room? Post more videos!!! Miss you!