Thursday, January 15, 2009

A foggy day of exploring...

Yesterday was my first day of complete freedom at Royal Holloway. No class, no traveling, no orientations... nothing. So I decided it was a day of exploring! Phoebe (my new partner in crime) and I took a turn about the Chapel and the Library in the Founders building (my building). The chapel really is breathtaking, especially since it's at a school! A lady was practicing on the organ yesterday morning, so as we wandered around the sanctuary we had some cool tunes going. I wish it weren't so foggy yesterday or else we could have had the sun streaming in through the stain-glass windows, but I'll just have to make it a point to return when the sun is shining (which could be several weeks). Then we checked out the library (SURPRISINGLY SMALL!!!). I was a little taken aback... it's no bigger than a high school library!! I am use to the Tempe Public Library and the Phoenix Public Library... this is shocking. Granted they have two other libraries, but the other one is but half the size of the Tempe Public Library. Luckily they have a good book selection, and I won't have to buy the novels I am supposed to read for my English course (the textbook industry here is kind... they don't charge you an arm and a leg and some professors photocopy the chapters you need to read for you).
Then after a brief exploration of our hall and a discovery of the "kitchen" (2 refrigerators and a sink) we decided to extend our journey to Egham for groceries. It's about a 15 -20 minute walk to High street in Egham and they have a Tescos down there. Tescos is the popular grocery (market) in London... it is mentioned in the Lily Allen song "LDN" that Phoebe and I sang as we walked home. I had to refrain from stocking up, because with a 15 minute walk back and only two arms, I had to shop very European. I bought bread, jam, and Peanut paste (peanut butter, but with a more gritty texture and no sugar (I like it a lot)), milk (tolerable tasting), silverware (phoebe and I split the set so we each have two of every utensil), cookies, poptarts, chips, water bottles, paper plates, butter, and yogurt (all things I can snack on in my room and make lunch with instead of having to trek down to the dining all for every meal). I find that everything isn't as expensive as I expected or was told it was. In conversion, everything may be $0.50 more than in arizona, but some things are cheaper - like a loaf of good bread turned out to be $1.25!! Also in Egham, we found a trift store!!!!!!!!!!! I was so overjoyed! It's small and doesn't boast of much, but I hope to check it out in more depth in the future. After we were done shopping, we trudged back up the hill to the campus (my foot pain is back with a vengeance) and made ourselves sandwhiches, and milk and settled in for "Muriel's wedding" a must see Australian flick according to Phoebe - it was great!! Toni Collette is great in it! We also watched "That Thing You Do!" (a must see American flick - considering we watched a free showing of The Beatles "Hard Days Night" on tuesday night, I had "That Thing You Do" on the mind). We finished out the evening with listening and sharing music, me showing Phoebe videos of Emolyn on Shawn and Nicole's blog (she agreed Emolyn is SO cute). Then I tucked into bed...
... only to be woken up at 4:30am by loud music, drunken laughing and singing, and guys running up and down the hall!! This is the second night in a row this has happened and so I was PISSED!!!! 3 doors down from me, I swear this girl doesn't sleep and instead invites her crazy, stupid, intoxicated friend (probably 5 people crammed in the room) for a karaoke night with alcohol and "let's piss off the rest of my floor night." I wanted to set something on fire... instead I called security. Come to find out from the other girls on the floor, the girl who occupied my room last semester was the designated "call security" person, so I have taken up that post in her stead. I have security on speed dial in my phone now and so help me that girl will pay for the sleep she is depriving me!!!
Alright... here are some pics:
The Fog

The Founder's Chapel (the north wing of the castle)
Part of the ceiling
the organ
the alter
above the alter
Stain-glass windows
another ceiling shot
The fog on the walk to Egham
The Thrift Store!!
Egham High Street

Here are also some pics of friends I have made here thus far - mostly the international students... I have only been in one week of classes, so the actual royal holloway students are still new to me.
Christina and I (a bunch of us went down to the Crown pub in Egham for dinner!
Phoebe and Dani
awesome dessert - donut and Dr. Pepper
Phoebe and her chocolate cake


linda t said...

That's my girl... she can smell a thrift store a mile away!
She done make this here Mama proud!

Amy T Schubert said...

some British (or Australian) phrasing is creeping in to you blogging ...

Skerrib said...

Peanut paste sounds yummy. Is it similar to the "natural" peanut butters we have here? Yum yum.