Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Church and Masquerade!!

Okay, I'll start with church. I went to a church in Egham on Sunday. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. I'll definitely be going back. Of course it is no Open Door, and I need to just reaffirm that God will not meet me ONLY in the words of John's messages or on 19th and Northern, and that God is with me and will teach me in everything I do. So I was so glad to feel the genuine Love for God at St John's in Egham. They are a really neat congregation, with lots of kids and families, and nice group of Uni students. The message was on Serving and Selfishness. The music was also decent... although I didn't know the songs very well so I was so focused on singing the right words, that I couldn't loose myself in the lyrics. After church a bunch of people went out to lunch at The Crown pub on Egham High Street and I of course went along. It was fun talking to everyone, asking questions of them about England and the Anglican church (which is what St John's is) and we also got to talking about American TV. At one point I actually talked in my British accent while I was explaining something and they all said it was really good and that you couldn't tell it was fake... definite high light!! I'll be using it more often when out shopping. I just felt really good about the whole day. I also came home and caught up on my ODF messages online... I'm glad I'll have those too to keep me connected with ODF.

(Note: I am definitely seeing the need for a more thorough website for Open Door... being separate makes me wish there was a portico online, pictures, ministry pages I could check out, etc. Also in researching churches here, I definitely notice that my interest in a church is based A TON on the look of their website and the information I can get about their ministry, vision, and again pictures... just a note to the powers that be on the ODF staff.)

Then monday and tuesday have been pretty devoted to school. I had a presentation to do tuesday morning in my English class on the novel North and South - GREAT BOOK!!! GREAT BBC miniseries!! I was not super nervous about it, but I wanted to make a good impression so I really prepared. I also studied a lot for my history classes... I am really worried about my Modern British History class because I just don't think I'm getting it.

But tuesday night Phoebe and I went to a Masquerade Ball at the Stumble Inn (a bar on campus). It wasn't really a ball as much as a party for the drama society to launch their season of shows. I am always wanting to meet new people, so Phoebe and I decided to get all dressed up and go down there to be college students. It was REALLY fun!! I had a nice time meeting people and the liveliness of everyone there... and most of them were Theater students, which I also love to hang out with theater people... except when they get all "I know SO much about theater and even though you couldn't care less about how much I know, I'm still gonna show off about EVERYTHING I know." There were only a few of those people there, but for the most part, there were just such FUN people. I was also glad that they had a cider on tap, because I don't like beer. There was some live music... but the singer in the main band was awful and the sound was crappy... I wish I knew how to actually RUN sound instead of just be able to tell when it's horrible. Then there was a performance from "The Holloway Players" which is an improv group in the drama society. They did some activities a la "Who's Line Is It Anyway" and some were really funny. Phoebe and I, I think, are going to a performance of theirs on Sunday night. They also had face painting for only £1!!
I will say there were also some cute guys at the party, for those of you who are wondering, but I must remind you that most students here are 21 AT THE MOST!!! so there is an age difference. I will also inform you all that 80% of the population of students at Royal Holloway are female... so there are not a lot of guys here and the ones that I have seen are smokers, or mediocre, or much younger... because let's remember that only the 3rd years are hitting 21. I will remind myself again that finding a man is not the reason I am here. haha
Oh... but this information does not stop me from dressing up really cute to go out... so here are some pics of the night to enjoy.

Phoebe is trying to look available to talk to

The Holloway Players

Today Phoebe and I ventured into Egham. It was raining, but you soon learn living here, that a little rain is nothing that should keep you from running errands... even it means walking 20 minutes in said rain into town. We went to check out the thrift stores!! There are like 5!!! There is only ONE shop that is an actual clothing store but FIVE "charity shops." Seriously mom!! granted each store is about the size of my bedroom, but still! It seems every charitable cause has it's own shop. I was able to find a purse that slings across my shoulder... very useful when you have to wear a big jacket and your purse no longer comfortably fits over your shoulder... this will also leave hands free. I also found these cute shirts!

I didn't plan to take pictures of my purchase, but the store didn't have a mirror, so I had them on my camera.
I also found a store in Egham that sells American food... like peanut butter, poptarts, and KRAFT MAC n CHEESE!!!!!!

Then Phoebe and I finally found the common room for Founders... it has a TV. Except I think I broke it, because when I was adjusting the antenna it fell out and I couldn't fix it... so we're not gonna talk about that. It basically has some couches, a foosball table, and a TV (that doesn't work).


Nicole T said...

how much fun! Love the face painting and the new shirt with ruffles is my fav! I am excited to hear about the church next week and duh shawn is working on the website as we speak! I got a sneak preview, awesome!

NanAZ said...

I agree about the ODF website. I did some research at work and have looked at a lot of church sites. The site is definitely lacking, but I also know how expensive that stuff is and it would be a big commitment in time and budget because it constantly needs to be updated. Cost would be big unless there was someone who'd be willing to do it for free. I really wish I knew web design because I'd love to do it. I also wish I had more time because I'd love to do an email Portico/Newsletter to regularly connect the body with ODF news. But that is also a big weekly or bi-weekly time commitment. We'll have to pray that God would bring the funds for someone who can do one or both of those things.