Friday, March 28, 2008

Something new...

I had quite a day of trying new things. First off I dyed my hair a new color... unfortunately it is in the "no styling product" stage, so picture will have to wait until I make it look pretty... but it's dark warm brown, which means it has more red in it.

Then after getting my hair dyed, I went to a tanning spa... that's right - pale little me is wanting to tan this year. I didn't last year and instead went to the beach as pale as ever and burned as red as a lobster. So this year tanning is just a precaution. I got a coupon where my first 3 sessions are totally free!! So I am gonna get a base tan so I don't get sun poisoning.

I was inspired by the thought of being tan and so I went out and did something that I haven't done in over five years... I BOUGHT SHORTS!!! Not bermuda shorts, because I have those... but I bought actual short shorts!! (they have a 3 1/2" seam so they aren't terribly short).

So that is my day!! I will hopefully get some pictures of my hair soon.


Kevun said...

hey! I dyed my hair too. Actually I bleached it. I dyed it red for st. patty's day and now my friend is having a black and white party, so the idea what to bleach it ended up more of a strawberry blond, but oh well.

Jake, Holly and McKenzie said...

YAY! jake and I tanned for 4 weeks before we went to Hawaii so we wouldn't blind everyone on the beach, and we didn't burn at all and we looked so HOTT!

and Yes jake and I wanna have more babies, but we're waiting to get preggers til prob about October or November. I want a August baby! :)

My best friend just found out she is prego and so I want to be there for her and not steal her thunder! :) Plus Jake and I will be completely out of Debt by the end of the year, so we know that stress will be gone and having another will be SO much by then Kinz will almost be 3 and be the perfect BIG sister! there ya go! my novel about makin sure you are SO thrilled now`! LOL LOVE YA TOO!!!!