Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nicole's shower...

We had a small shower for nicole this weekend with the just the girls. Mostly it was to help her arrange the nursery before baby Emolyn comes home (which still is not for a couple weeks, but the crib is coming soon so things needed to be arranged). It was really fun to watch Nicole open tons of cute outfits for Emy. granted even the onsies for preemies still are too big for her, but she will be stylin' for a while yet. Then we all descended upon the nursery and within 15 minutes we had it looking absolutely precious. Here are some pictures...

Kelsie's cuter than cute outfit.

Meredith's cuter than cute dress.

I can safely say that at no other baby shower do people take the time to take eachother's blood pressure, but when you have 4 nurses in attendance your baby shower games get a little interesting... I have to say I was a perfect 120 over 80.

Nicole seeing our work on Emy's room... it was a glorified "catch-all" room before, but we are amazing decorators.

Nicole and I

Everyone eating the delicious breakfast and watching Nicole demo the baby stroller from my parents.

Nicole, Grandma Beckie, and Grammy


kristen said...

Wish we could have been there looks like fun! Tell nicole and shawn we said hello! miss ya

kristen said...

okay I hate to do this here but I just wanted to let you know you can vote for Kennadys pic on the tomorrow memories blog(look under my links) One per household! thanks