Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finals are over...

At the Arizona School of Massage Therapy we don't get a Spring break - it sucks... for both students and staff. This week has been finals week for the Massage therapists in training, and i have been grading away fervently to get students complete and ready for next quarter. With all my labor and hard work, I find it disheartening that on monday the whole process of a 10 week quarter starts all over again - with the same classes, just different students. I know it has only been 10 weeks since my 3 week vacation... i think it is the educational system. After 17 years inside a educational system that instilled fall break, winter break, spring break, and of course the 3 month summer vacation, my body clock is programmed to need a week vacation around this time. Alas, no relief in sight.

I am however done with my particular finals and will spend all day tomorrow in my office grading my tests and probably other people's - because I am just that helpful. It is nice to have the stress of testing done with. Now I am on to study sessions with those students that failed and need to retake tests.

I am really getting into "to do" lists... I have 2 small note pads in my possession (one for the office and one for personal use). I write down absolutely everything I have to accomplish... whether it be grocery shopping or apply for ASU or call nicole... everything is on there. I am a little OCD and lists keep me organized and efficient. My absolute favorite part about my list is crossing this off of it... I get such a rush. I bought the big thick permanent marker so when I cross off something what is left is a big black mark... it is so incredibly rewarding. I am finding i am much less overwhelmed and anxious with this method, because I don't sit around thinking, "I was supposed to get something done and there is something I am not doing..." Great times.
Some of the things I have crossed off my list this week that make me happy:

1. Apply to ASU - that's right I sent in my admissions application. I am waiting for that to be processed and then I'll send my transcripts and admissions check. Then I will meet with someone in the Liberal Arts college and see about what I can do to get my bachelors in two years in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies.

2. Email Sylvia Thompson - she is my cousin Matt's wife and both of them and their little boy Elijah are living in Germany. They are the ones I am hoping to go visit this August. Although I learned Matt will be out of the country during that time, I will hopefully still go and just hang out with Sylvia and Elijah.

3. Get rid of old clothes - I have three boxes of clothes and shoes and purses just sitting in my house. But, tomorrow night I will be rid of them. Our college age group girls are having a "Naked Lady Party" or as I call it "A Bit@h 'n Swap". We are all getting together and trading clothes... so hopefully I will come back tomorrow night with some new threads and be rid of my old ones. It should be fun and mostly I am just excited about getting to hang out with these girls. Super fun!!

That's that.

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Skerrib said...

No spring break--yuk! That was always my favorite thing about being on quarters in grad school...a perfect break between winter & spring quarters. Someone needs to be notified about this. It just isn't right.