Thursday, March 06, 2008

post traumatic stress... but with musical numbers

I went to see my old high school's spring musical tonight. They did "Thoroughly Modern Millie"... it's was a good show, not the best, but it was good.

I went with my friend Kendra, which was really great. We were in all the Marcos musicals together and loved being in shows. The entire performance we kept leaning over to each other telling the other how much we wanted to be up on stage performing, or how we would have done a certain number better, or who we would have cast out of our classmates in each part. It was a blast. It was also rather entertaining to see our old choir director and choreographers from back in the day. I am always so surprised that they even still know who I am... and on top of that - know my name. It was really honoring that even after almost 5 years, I hold a place in Marcos theatrical history.

I really would love to do a show someday again... but it is not in the cards for me at the moment, with my job. But, who knows what the future holds. (I know Nancy and my mom are reading this thinking how they would want that too). I must say that I do miss it a lot... the smell of aqua-net back stage, being on stage right before the curtains open and the overture plays, the actor traditions, the superstitions, dance tights, character heels, being thrown up into the air in the middle of a dance number, belting at the top of your voice every note you can hit, and being apart of a company of actors and performers... so close and intimate for this concentrated amount of time - you become like family... being apart of a cast was really the best.

Here is a picture I took of my high school auditorium so that I would never forget it... or the feels and experiences that I had there.


Holly Dee Butler said...

awe...i miss it too, lets go back and do footloose! we could get everyone together! no?...yeah ok teehee

NanAZ said...

You betcha we're wishing you kids would get back into theater! I would LOVE it!

When you have time you should check into the theater in Gilbert where Amy knows the money but a pretty wholesome atmosphere.

Skerrib said...

Oh man...gotta love the rotating pods! We had those at McClintock too.