Thursday, November 27, 2008


Things I am Thankful for...
1. My Savior... I don't just know that Jesus saved me, but I get to have a personal relationship with my creator and the lover of my soul. I cannot believe that He chose me and pursues me and is absolutely crazy about me. I also am thankful that He knows the WORST things about me and it doesn't change His love for me ONE BIT!!!

2. My amazing family. My parents are two of the most fun, most creative, loving, and supportive parents in the entire world. They have never put expectations on what I HAD to do with my life, but instead they encouraged and fed my excitement for all my endeavors. They have never once said they were disappointed in me, even though I know at times they didn't quite agree with the decisions I made. They trust me and know that God has His hand in each of their children's lives. There is an incredible safety that comes with that. I know I can be real with my parents and my brothers and I don't have to perform for them or try to be something I am not

3. My friends. The same thing I just said about the safety I feel with my family, I also feel with my friends. I get to be genuine and at times messy, and imperfect, but they love me!! I have so much fun with them and they make me laugh so hard and bring such wisdom and joy to my life.

4. England. You have no idea what a dream come true my trip to England will be!! I have dreamed so long and hard about this incredible adventure. It still blows me away that God is taking me on this journey and that he wants to show me the world!! I also am thankful that this trip is just me and God, and that I am getting to do this on my own. I can't wait to see the lessons I learn and the things God will reveal to me on this journey - both good and bad. All of it will just draw me closer to Him that I may fall in love more deeply with Him.

5. I didn't kill myself on tuesday. You may say this is a little dramatic, but my bike accident could have been way worse and I am thankful it wasn't. I also will admit that I think it is WAY cool that I have stitches!!!

6. Christmas. Tomorrow the season begins. Well actually TONIGHT the season begins... I love Christmas!!!

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NanAZ said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Miranda!