Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I feel so patriotic today. I am sitting here in my living room in my sweats and adorned with my "I voted today" sticker. Up until about 4 days ago I was not planning on voting today. I believe that voting is a right of every citizen and if you have a passion for something you should take part in it's coming to fruition, but I was apathetic to the entire political thing and quite frankly uneducated, so I felt that I shouldn't vote (you shouldn't vote unless you know what you're voting for). But 4 days ago I began to think of the magnitude of this election. Either way it would be completely historic and I would feel incredibly disappointment if I was unable to tell my children that I voted in this election. I would regret it... so I decided to vote. I read stuff, educated myself on the candidates and decided what my choice would be.
As I looked at my choices, I came to realize that the idealized presidencies of the past were just that... idealized. Think about it - we look back in our history and praise the likes of men like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt... but let's take a closer look.
Abraham Lincoln - A HUGE chunk of the nation disagreed with Lincoln's policies so much that they started a civil war - a virtual blood bath!!
Franklin D. Roosevelt - he had very strong socialist views and was allied with Stalin - come on.
So as I studied up on these candidates for Election 2008 I was saddened... I didn't particularly think either one represented what I would like for this nation... I agreed with both on some issues and disagreed just the same on others. But I knew what my choice would be.

And now I sit in my living room and have watched history being made... regardless of the fact that it was not my choice, I still am hopeful of our nation. I am fearful for the changes and the possible future that is in store and I doubt it will be very good, because regardless of what happened tonight, this world is spiraling downward. This world is not my home and I will never feel the acceptance and the comfort from this place that I wish and long for... but I have hope. Why? because my God still reigns. No matter what happens and no matter what policy is passed, Barak Obama answers to my creator! I will take heart in that fact that my Savior "has overcome the world" (John 16:33).
So I look forward to the future of this nation and am still proud that I am here and not elsewhere (well of course England is pretty awesome). I think that we will look back and be proud that our nation is a place where the foundational concept of this nation - "all men are created equal" - is true and truer today! I watch Barak Obama give his victory speech and I am in awe that we as a nation have come so far! What a momentous occasion which calls for reverence and a moment of reflection... regardless of what your vote was, this is historical... this is amazing!!


Amy T Schubert said...

so glad you voted

linda t said...

Wow, well said.
Thanks for your words of wisdom and hope. I needed to read your post this morning.

kristen said...

you said it best...don't vote unless you are educated about what you are voting for.

NanAZ said...

Here's some more perspective on this historic day


I'm so glad I voted too...it was the first time in a loooong time.

Andrew said...

you do realize that I am in love with Abraham Lincoln and it hurts my heart to read that he was idealized....I just cried.
also, movie lists are fun